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What is on a 10cent coin?


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The US 10 cent coin has president Roosevelt.

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Well, generally, on most living things, there are 2 sides, the head and the tail, so, naturally, when they put presidents heads on coins, the term "heads and tails" was coined, pardon the pun.Head'sthere is a head on this side of the coin.tail'son the majority of the coins their are animals that have tails on them except for the dime; the dime is the newest coin and the person who said we need a 10cent coin was a sailor but he got lost at see 3 days before the government decided to have a 10 cent coin.The answer is likely to be a little simpler than that. Also, the terminology is used throughout the English-speaking world: not just in the United States.The most likely answer simply stems from our concept of the front and rear of animals. For most animals, the head of an animal is up front while its tail (for those creatures with tails) is in the rear. So we call the front and back of a coin "heads" and "tails" respectively. We use this terminology in areas outside coins as well.

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