What is onboarding?

Many believe that onboarding is a substitute term for 'new hire induction' but in actual fact onboarding starts from job offer through to releasing candidates on-the-job. It's much more than just ticking a 'housekeeping' list... it's about reinforcing the candidate's decision to join your organisation, empowering them with information to understand the organisation and vision and reinforcing the attitude and behaviours to set them up for success on the job.
Successful onboarding is your way to ensure results fast by getting your new hires productive and integrated into your team quickly and smoothly. With the right tools and understanding of the aspects that make up a good onboarding program, you'll have your new hires up and running in no time! Want more details and tips on what you can do to create a successful onboarding program? Check out blog.talmundo.com/post/doing-onboarding-right to download the full free report now!