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Q: What is one benefit for a maid who worked in the Medieval time?
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What did medieval do for a job?

Medieval is a time period and didn't work. The largest group worked the land as serfs, then there were merchants, priests, and nobles.

Why did African slavery replace indentured servants?

Indentured service worked for a benefit and for a set amount of time (often years.) However, slaves were worked for no benefit, and for free. Basically, slaves were profitable and didn't settle to pay off debts.

What was the medieval servants hobbies?

Servants didn't have hobbies; servants worked. ALL the time. When not working, they might eat, drink and chase women.

Was William the Conqueror in the medieval time?

Yes he was in the Medieval time period

How does a medieval queen spend her time?

queens position medieval time

What did Medieval people do in their pastimes?

90% of the people worked from sunup to sundown and didn't have much time to do anything else but work and try to stay alive.

What time was the medieval war?

There was no single medieval war.

What bird was used in hunting (in medieval time)?

Falcon was used in hunting in medieval time.

In medieval time what did a peasant own?

In medieval times European peasants owned very little. Indeed the land that they worked on farming was normally not their own. They would only have owned small personal items that they could create themselves or were passed down in their family and in most cases did not even own their home. In this time period peasants were little better than slaves who worked for the benefit of the manor owner who owned the land they worked and lived on. It could even be said that a peasant truly owned nothing as they would have no rights to their own personal items if their lord chose to take them away from them. They really didn't even own themselves, as they were seen as property of their lord.

How can you be a woman in full time as woman?

I like to be a sissy male maid or a full time woman maid to someone I have work in hosework to.

Who played chess in medieval times rich or poor?

The rich could afford chess sets. The poor mostly had little time to play, they worked too hard.

Was Rosa Parks a maid?

At the time of the Montgomery Bus boycott, Rosa Parks worked in a department store doing alterations. She was a seamstress. you may be right but i thought she was a slave i think im right...:)

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