What is one fact about Diana?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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she died in a car accedent, and did charity work for the elderly

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Q: What is one fact about Diana?
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Has Diana ross won a Grammy?

No. In fact if you Google "never won a grammy" on an image search, Diana Ross is the first artist who appears.

Was the goddess of the hunt Diana married?

No, Diana was one of the three virgin goddesses.

Does the royal family like ballet?

Lady Diana did, in fact she performed in a ballet herself with a partner.

Is Carla Hall the daughter of Diana Ross?

No, she’s not. As a matter of fact she and Tracey Ellis Ross are friends. However, they are not siblings

Who is Diana's husband?

No one. She is dead.

Who was the goddess Diana the mother of?

The Roman goddess Diana was the mother of no one, since she was a virgin goddess.

Was Diana the goddess married?

Yes, the goddess Diana swore not to marry, but instead remain a virgin forever. She was true to her word.

What is one trait Diana Ross is?


Who is Diana ross married to?

no one at the moment.

What time period was it when Greeks believed in goddess Diana?

There isn't one. Diana is a Roman goddess. Her Greek equivalent is Artemis.

What is the birth name of Princess Diana?

Princess Diana's full name was Diana Frances Spencer. At the time of her death, she was referred to as Diana, Princess of Wales; she in fact was not given the title "Princess" alone. Diana is often referred to as Lady Diana Spencer rather than Diana, Princess of Wales, due to the tradition of referring to deceased women by their maiden name and title.

Did Prince Charles and diana divorce?

Prince Charles and Diana were divorced in August 1996. The couple had two sons together during the marriage. Diana died one year after her divorce.