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A "nonscientific" question is something like, "what is your name?" or "why are you asking something so simple?".......

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Q: What is one nonscientific question?
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What is the difference between scientific and nonscientific questions?

A scientific question asks for evidence, a nonscientific evidence asks for opinion.

What a nonscientific question?

a non scientific question is a question which cannot be proved to be true as no experiment or no data can be gathered from it such as is there life after death thank you jonny Moore 6

What is an early nonscientific name for the sun?

One name is Sol. And the Egyptians used to call it Ra.

What is a nonscientific question?

All religious and esoteric questions are non-scientific.

What is a Nonscientific name for god or king?

Do a barrel roll!

What is the nonscientific name on club penguin?

Pooo duhhh

How do you distinguish between scientific and nonscientific hypotheses?

Scientific hypothesis can be understand by scientific approach (using scientific methods & formulae etc) Nonscientific hypothesis is based on assumptions only.

Which are the following are characteristics of nonscientific thinking?

This can not to be answered without something to choose from.

Science can say nothing about the validity of nonscientific practices that do not make testable predictions?


Why do bacteria maintain only one shape?

I'm going to give the nonscientific answer, a bacteria can only maintain one shape because it don't have enough cells to mold into another shape there for it is not multicellular (or it is I think it depends on if its arche or EU bacteria).

What are 4 nonscientific names for birds?

Robin, Blue-jay, Bald eagle, Golden eagle, Finch, Starling, and more

Examples of how scientific investigations have been similarly influenced by nonscientific forces?

big bang theory evolution