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What is one of Clara schumanns compositions?

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Her husband, renowned German composer Robert Schumann, died in 1856.

the Genre is actually called "Nocturne" after the piece. romantic compositions were sometimes classified this way.

Polyphonic compositions started in about the Baroque period, with Bach and Handel. Monophonic compositions-Medieval, one simple melody. Homophonic compositions-Reneissance, one melody accompanied by chords. Polyphonic compositions-Baroque, many melodies at the same time, SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) compositions start.

One of Mozart's most famous compositions is titled "First movements of Symphonies 25 & 40". Another one of his most famous compositions is titled "Alla Turca".

Robert Alexander Schumann

Bach, Toccata and fugue in d minor is often written as one of his best compositions. Then again, when you listen to a Bach composition, you will think that it is one of his best. All his compositions make you feel the same.

Fixed or uniform compositions are characteristic of chemical compounds.

I can't answer that because he made 626 compositions. BUT..... one of his most famous compositions of all times is the Magic Flute.

One of the similarities between the compositions of Raphael and those of Michelangelo is the use of identical figures

clara was the first one to start the Red cross!

Mannerists created complex compositions instead of orderly, rational compositions.

Clara Wieck Schumann (1819-1896) was a child prodigy who became one of the best pianists of the 19th century. When she was young, she was dominated by her father, Friedrich, and Robert Schumann was one of his students. They were married in 1840, and she performed many of her husband's compositions until his death in 1856.

there is one in minnesota.

Clara Barton was One of the only female nurses to work at the battle front. Clara Barton was also the creator of the red cross.

Mozart made 626 compositions

Absolutely; there are thousands of compositions in A# Minor.

because it fixed compositions or uniformed compositions.

I only know his first one Chopin made, polonaises

Well, I'm not sure about all of his famous compositions, but one of his most famous ones was: A German Requiem Op. 45 Hope this helped.

one direction- still the one

No, compounds have definite compositions.Mixtures have variable compositions.

The literary compositions that have influenced the world (for me) are the novels of Rizal, especially the Noli Me Tangere.Another one is Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin.

One of Clara Barton's greatest accomplishment is that she founded the AMERICAN RED CROSS .