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There can be no doubt about it: World War II. If you mean wars just in the United States the answer would be the Revolutionary War and The Civil war. Without the Revolutionary war we would still be owned and ruled by the United Kingdom.

The famous war in the United States are Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War II.

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Q: What is one of the famous war in US history?
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A famous war in us history?

just one? Civil War

What is a famous war in US history?

Traditionally it has been the US Civil War and WW2.

What is a famous war in the US history?

The American civil war, the war of 1812, the American revolution, the war gianst the Indians (last one unofficial)

What war started in 1860?

The US Civil War started from 1861 to 1865. It was America's most famous and deadliest wars in history.

What amerian general of the revolutionary war became the most famous tratior in the US history?

Benedict Arnold.

What was the name of the person who betrayed the US?

Benedict Arnold was one of the most famous traitors in US history.

Name a famous war in the US?

US Civil War.

What American General of the revolutionary war became the most famous traitor in US history?

the Battle of Bunker Hill

What else was happening in history when Steve Irwin was famous?

US declared war on Iraq, Oklahoma City bombed

What war had most us casualities in us history?

Civil War

What was the blodiest war?

The Us Civil War was the bloodiest war recorded in US history.

How the civil war led us to the study of US History?

While certainly an important event in US history, the US Civil War didn't "lead" or "start" the study of US History.

What was the longest war in the us history?

Vietnam War

What is the deadliest war in the US history?

The Civil War

What is the third longest us war in us history?

Second world war

Why is US History class only taught through the Vietnam war?

The statement that US history is not taught past the Vietnam War is not correct. US colleges and secondary schools have quite different US history boundaries. There is a mass of US history running past the War in Vietnam.

What was the Second longest war in US history?

The second longest war in U.S. history to date was the War in Vietnam. In June 2010 Operation Enduring Freedom(The War In Afghanistan surpassed the Vietnam War for the longest in US History. If you count the "Cold War" as a war then Operation Enduring Freedom would be the second longest war in US History.

How did the Gettysburg battle impact US History?

it was the most famous battle of the civil war. it was considered to be high water mark of the confederacy.

Who was a famous combatant in US history?

george washington

Who is a famous combatant in US history?

George Washington

What was the bloodiest war in US history?

The American Civil War

When did the US enter war?

It depends on which war you are talking about. The US has a long history of warring.

Famous war in the US?

Within the US the Revolutionary War and the Civil War alone should be counted.

What was one of the most famous pardons ever administered in US history?

Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon.

What is the largest US war in history?

If you mean only involving the US, than the Civil War.