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Q: What is one of the objects that Harry Houdini escaped from?
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What was one of Harry Houdini's major accomplishments?

Harry HoudiniJumped off a bridge with his hands handcuffed. Then he jumped off a bridge and escaped the hand cuffs.

Did Harry Houdini have any children?

Houdini was ONE OF SIX children<<<<Not helpful< - Harry Houdini did not have any children.

What are things that Harry Houdini said?

One of Harry Houdini's quotes was "My brain is the key that sets me free."

What is one of Harry Houdini tricks?

One of Harry Houdini's most famous tricks was disappearing from places, including underwater and appearing other places.

Did harry houdini have brothers or sisters?

Houdini had one brother named Dash. Harry Houdini had five brothers (Herman, Theodore, Gottfried, Leopold, and Nathan) and a sister (Gladys)

Can Harry Houdini become president?

Harry Houdini is no longer alive. He can not become president unless he has one last trick up his sleeve.

When did houdini do the milk can escape?

hey had 2 can on top he lift up the 2 one then escaped

What siblings did Harry houdini have?

He was one of seven brothers and sisters

Who died on October 31st?

I think one person who did was Harry Houdini.

Did any of Harry Houdini's tricks fail?

one of his trick has fail

Which world- famous escape artist had the first name Harry?

Harry Houdini but he mightn't be the only one.

Pictures of Harry Houdini?

well no one has pictures but there are many sex vids if you google it. be young have fun. google : harry Houdini magic in bed- so hot I could masturbate for hours to that one

What was Harry Houdini's sisters names?

he only had one sister and her name was Gladys.

How many Harry's does it take to change a light bulb?

Only one, if it was Harry Houdini and then he would have changed it into an elephant.

What is the Harry Houdini award?

Harry Houdini [March 24, 1874-October 31, 1926] was one of the most respected escapologists and magicians of all time. The Society of American Magicians' crest appears at the Houdini gravesite, at Machpelah Cemetery, in the Ridgewood section of Queens, New York. Each year, the SAM gives the Harry Houdini Award to whichever one of its assemblies has shown the most growth. The term, winner of the Harry Houdini Award, may be used facetiously. The recipient is someone who manages to wriggle out of an uncomfortable situation.

Did Harry Houdini die in one of his acts?

No he died of peritonitis secondary to a ruptured appendix

One hardship that Harry Houdini had to face when he came to America?

It could be language and work.

Does Harry Houdini have any quotes?

no but he like one "The brain is the key that sets me free"

What Happend When Harry Houdini Was Married?

One thing is his wife helped hi on stage

Harry Houdini strait jacket escape?

Harry Houdini had several straight jackets and one was given to a local magician,Armand Landry, (deceased) by Houdini's brother Hardeen. It is now in a museum in Connecticut. Mr. Landry excaped from this jacket on various occasions

What was Harry Houdini's personal traits?

he loved squirrel so much he wanted to marry one!

What did Harry Houdini do for a living?

he was a very skilled magician, but one day he died with one of his own dangerous tricks.

How Harry Houdini escape?

its magic no one knows.....remember a true magician never tells his secret

Did Harry Houdini have any schooling?

Harry Houdini did have schooling. But no one knows for certain where he went. But people do know that, since he moved around a lot, that he had very little. He also learned to read and write. He also had schooling as a trapeze artist.

What does Harry Houdini fear?

Here is one common fear of all magicians: having their tricks caught by the audience.