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Think of a picture that stands for the new word

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Q: What is one tool that helps readers remember a new word?
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What is one tool that helps the readers remember a new word?

Using flashcards can be a helpful tool for readers to remember new words. Flashcards allow for reviewing and testing oneself on the meaning and usage of the word, which can aid in retention and recall.

How can you communicate with god without a bible?

By prayer. A Bible is just a one-way communications tool. It is God's word directed to its readers.

What is the possessive form of the word readers?

Readers' is the possessive plural of reader.

How to define the word community using a picture?

you should just draw something that helps you remember the definition of the word.

What is it called when you take part of the letters in a sentence to make another word that helps you to remember?


What is the sanskrit word for FIRE?

Agni, Tejas, there are others which i can't remember right now! Hope that helps.

What sound do the word tool has?


I am making a dance to the garden by Mirah but i don't know how to remember the dance moves do you?

is there any way you could remember the moves according to which word in the song it goes to? that always helps me.

What is numbered italicized word for readers?


What is the abbreviation for tool?

There is no known abbreviation for the word tool.

What is the title of the movie where a girl sees her mother kill her father and a psychologist helps her remember the repressed memory?

Don't Say a Word

A Christmas word that has a q in it?

Well sometimes Quail is used. A quail is a bird. I can't remember what country is comes from. Hopes this helps!