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Q: What is one way to make water fit for human consumption?
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Is bull shark fit for human consumption?

In reality human meat is fit for human consumption. Pretty much any animal (unless poisonous) Is fit for human consumption, so yes, bull shark is fit too.

What is the definition of Household with access to safe water?

Meaning the water has been tested and found fit for human consumption.

How does the process of desalination work?

desalination; the process is: They take the sea water, boil it and let the steam cool. The condensed water is then filtered and treated to make if fit for human consumption, washing and industrial use.

What was done with unsafe drinking water?

It was first filtered with slow filters and later on with fast filters. The filtered water was chlorinated. That made it fit for human consumption.

Can a dog eat french fires?

No, no human food is fit for animal consumption.

What can best describe usable waters?

You may be talking about navigable waters, which are waterways that can be used as shipping lanes or for recreational vessels. You could be talking about potable water, which is water that is fit for human consumption.

Is drinking water supplied to all citizens suitable for human consumption?

If it supplied "for drinking" then the citizen of any country would have obvious legal redress if the water thus supplied proven to be unfit to drink. However in some countries the supplied tap water is NOT advertised as "fit for drinking" and needs to be boiled. In this instance the water supplied to citizens would not be suitable for human consumption.

Checking the bacterial contamination in drinking water by testing sulphide ion?

hi there you you can add a water purefying machine to your taps and filter out bacterial contaminates,cholrine,fluride ect . this will make your water very clean and contaminat free for human consumption if you want to find out more info here Thanks trevor dye

Where can you find pure water that was not aided in its purification by any man-made creations or methods?

Frozen glacial water and underground natural springs are considered pure water that are non manmade purified fit for human consumption.

Is alcohol fit for human consumption?

it all depends on the amount that a person consumes, everything is done in moderation

How do you use the word ingest in a sentence?

Example sentence - It is not wise to ingest foods not fit for human consumption.

What different source's of are available on earth?

Precipitation (snow rain ice)groundwatersurface waterunder river flowdesalination (removal of salt from salt water so it is fit for human and animal consumption)glaciers