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Q: What is online transactional processing?
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Which systems are typically a major source of data for other systems?

transactional processing system

What does transactional e-commerce businesses provide?

Online sale of goods.

Relevance of online analytical processing to a manager?

relevance of on-line analytical processing Relevance of online analytical processing to a manager?

Different between online and offline processing?

what are the different between online and offline Data Processing

Disadvantages of online processing?

disadvantages of on line processing?

Online processing is used when in data handling is not possible?

online processing is done when--------------is not possible in data handling.

What is transactional?

Transaction is accrue between tow parties like any business-related exchange such as Payments to employees, Sales to customers and payments to the suppliers. Thus, processing business transaction was the first application of computer for most organizations. Regards: Shoaib Aatish from MSC CS, UAF, FSD

What are the advantages of transactional analysis?

advantages and disadvantages of transactional technique

What are the types of Databases?

Here are the basic list of Database Types: OLTP : Online Transaction Processing Database - To store LIVE, Real-time data. Example: LIVE Temperature, LIVE Cricket Match data.. OLAP : Online Analytical Processing Database - To store data for Analysis, Forecasts. Example: Weather Forecasts DWH : Data Warehouse Database - To store Old, Historical Data HTAP Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing Database OLTP + OLAP + DWH. Example : Google Map For more details, pls reach me.

What is Eric Berne's transactional analysis?

what is eric berne's transactional analysis?

What is the difference between online processing and realtime processing?

The different is that real-time processing occurs immediately an a function is set to action. Online processing involves putting functions in a queue and can take time to process.

When was Transactional Synchronization Extensions created?

Transactional Synchronization Extensions was created in 2012.