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Q: What is opinion of the centipede so far and why?
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What are 3 common examples of centipedes?

Some examples of Centipedes and Millipedes are the Feather tail centipede, Blue ring centipede, Stone centipede, and the Earth centipede. As for Millipedes there are the Pill millipede, Bristly millipede, and the Spotted millipede.

What movies has Daniel Tosh done Spoiler Alert segments for i know of The Human Centipede and Orphan but are there any others?

The Human Centipede, Orphan and Tiptoes are the only 3 he's done so far.

Why is a centipede an insect?

It is not called a centipede

Why is a centipede not a insect?

i think so

What is a type of centipede?

a type of centipede giant centipede

Is the human centipede suitable for 10 year olds?

it truly, depends iif your child is mature. Its a little disturbing but i guess so KELLY WASS HERE! Another opinion: Not even remotely suitable.

Is GTAIV a good game?

yes it is its the best gta so far... but that's my opinion

What lies on the ground 100 feet tall Answer is- a sunbathing centipede?

A sunbathing centipede

Is a centipede an invertebrate worm?

No , a centipede is not a worm because a centipede has hard skin and a worm has soft skin, but a centipede is an invertebrate.

Why caterpillar is called a centipede?

It is not called a centipede

Is centipede an insert?

no , centipede is not an insert. it is chilopoda

How did the Americans escape?

BECAUSE.... CENTIPEDE! swimming in the ocean CENTIPEDE! swimming in the sea CENTIPEDE! crawling through the forest CENTIPEDE! crawling through the wood CENTIPEDE! climbing up a mountain CENTIPEDE! climbing up a hill! oli you smell..... really bad