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A female goat as in a doe.

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Well a 'goat' isn't a male or a female, the male is called a billy-goat and the female is called the Nanny-goat

A nanny is a female goat or sheep; a male goat or sheep is called a billy or a ram.

opposite gender of inspector

The opposite of a she-goat (nanny goat, doe) would be a he-goat (billy goat).

A billy goat (also known as a buck) is a male goat so the opposite would be a nanny goat (also known as a doe) which is a female goat.

A Billy goat's female opposite is a Jenny goat.

billy goatI guess a billy goat. But technically, they are called does and bucks.

Male goat is a Billy.Female goat is a Nanny.Young goat is a kid.

a boy goat is called a buck or a billy

Male goat is a Billy (he-goat?).Female goat is a Nanny.Young goat is a Kid.

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.A billy goat is a male goat (sometimes referred to as a buck).A nanny goat is a female goat.

Master is the opposite gender of mistress.

Opposite gender of heifer (female) is bull (male).

As "his" in the question implies a male, the opposite gender would be a female.

The opposite gender of a colt (young male) is a filly (young female).

The opposite gender is the male peacock.

The opposite gender of a maid is male. Maids are typically females and servants are the male equivalent to maids.

The opposite of father is mother. As a father is male, the opposite gender is female.

Ram is male Ewe is female

The opposite gender of a baron (male) is a baroness (female).

The gender nouns for a chicken are:rooster for the malehen for the female

A nany goat is a female goat. A billy goat is a male goat. A wether is a castrated billy goat. The male counterpart to a nanny or governess could be tutor or guardian.

There isn't an opposite gender of farmer. A farmer can be either a male or a female.