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It is a method of stopping birth by taking medicine through the mouth

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Do Oral contraceptives fight AIDS?

Oral contraceptives do not protect against AIDS

Do Oral contraceptives require a prescription?

Oral contraceptives are available only with a physician's prescription

What do Oral contraceptives do?

Oral contraceptives are medicines taken by mouth to help prevent pregnancy

Do Oral contraceptives affect cancers?

Oral contraceptives may make some existing cancers worse

When were oral contraceptives?


Do Oral contraceptives affect the gums?

Oral contraceptives may cause the gums to become tender and swollen or to bleed

How do oral contraceptives affect diabetes?

Blood sugar levels may increase slightly when oral contraceptives are used

How does carbamazepine react with oral contraceptives?

The use of carbamazepine reduces the effectiveness of oral contraceptives and also reduces the effects of corticosteroids.

Can breastfeeding women use oral contraceptives?

Women who are breastfeeding should check with their physicians before using oral contraceptives

Do oral contraceptives improve acne?

One other well-known, noncontraceptive benefit of oral contraceptives is an improvement in acne

What do oral contraceptives contain?

Oral contraceptives and other hormonal contraceptives have two main components are Progestin and Estrogen, although there are birth control pills that that contain only Progestin.

Do oral contraceptives work?

When taken in the proper amounts, following a specific schedule, oral contraceptives are very effective in preventing pregnancy

What percentage is oral contraceptives effective?

According to the CDC, Oral Contraceptives have a failure rate of 9%. Thus meaning their effectiveness is only 91%

Do Oral contraceptives affect the uterine lining?

Oral contraceptives change the uterine lining so that a fertilized egg cannot lodge there to develop

Can women smoke with oral contraceptives?

Women who take oral contraceptives should not smoke cigarettes. It is not recommended because with some contraceptives like Yaz smoking increases the chance of blood clots.

What is the meaning of on the pill?

"On the pill" is a phrase used to indicate someone is taking oral contraceptives.

What has the author Robert W Kistner written?

Robert W. Kistner has written: 'The pill: facts and fallacies about today's oral contraceptives' -- subject- s -: Oral contraceptives

What has the author Julia F Sollenberger written?

Julia F. Sollenberger has written: 'Adverse effects of oral contraceptives' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Oral contraceptives, Side effects

What are effective methods of contraception?

Oral contraceptives (or "the pill") Sterilization

What aminoglycoside that is administered with oral contraceptives will decrease their effectiveness?


How oral contraceptives are related to the phase of the menstrual cycle?


What has the author Marjorie J Dow written?

Marjorie J. Dow has written: 'Metabolism of methionine in women using oral contraceptives' -- subject(s): Oral contraceptives, Side effects

Are withdrawal symptoms possible when discontinuing use of oral contraceptives?


Can oral contraceptives lead to vision loss?

only if you use them incorrectly

Do you need a prescription for the pill?

Yes Oral contraceptives have to be prescribed by a doctor.

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