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An ordered tree is a tree that has the children of each node ordered in a certain manner. When the root is shown at top, the children are written from left to right.

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What are the advantages of trees in data structure?

plz tell me what is the advantages of tree in datastructure with database

Avl tree explain with example in data structure?

refer the book datastructure of author pudumbekar technical publication

Which data structure used in t9 dictionary?

TRIE datastructure

Where does the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square come from?

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Storage pool in datastructure?

Storage pool is collection of free linked list in the memory.

Is sorting a binary search tree simple?

A binary search tree is already ordered. An in order traversal will give you a sorted list of nodes.

What is parse tree in compiler design?

A parse tree or it is also called concrete syntax tree that is ordered, rooted that represents the syntactic structure of a string. It is also a grammatical structure represented as a tree data structure.

Provide the notes of datastructure according to the syllabus of csvtu for B.E 4th semester?

Whats the safest country?

What is the purpose of an AVL tree?

An AVL tree is most commonly used in computer science and was named after its inventors. It is a self-balancing binary search tree which automatically keeps its height. The purpose of this is to provide efficient implimentations for ordered lists.

2008-3rd sem-datastructure Anna university question paper?

Anna university third sem question pattern

Which data structure is used to perform recursion?

In writing a program of recursion we do not need any data structure.But the assembler uses the datastructure and it is stack.

How is multiprogramming achieved by an operating system?

When the timeslot for the current program runs out, the routine saves the current CPU context into a datastructure, selects a new program to be run for the next timeslot, and loads the CPU registers with the values that were saved in that process's datastructure. Hence a new program gets the CPU. This cycle continues till all programs are terminated or aborted.

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Explainthe different between B tree and B plus tree?

The B-tree is the classic disk-based data structure for indexing records based on an ordered key set. The B+-tree(sometimes written B+-tree, B+tree, or just B-tree) is a variant of the original B-tree in which all records are stored in the leaves and all leaves are linked sequentially. The B+-tree is used as a (dynamic) indexing method in relational database management systems.

What is the past participle of order?

ordered; I ordered a chocolate milkshake. You ordered a chocolate milkshake. He ordered a chocolate milkshake. We ordered a chocolate milkshake. They ordered a chocolate milkshake.

What is key data structure?

Key datastructure is a data statucture or container which keeps key value pair. For a search the key is passed to check that the key is present in DS or not.

What is a multiway serach tree?

Multiway search tree of degree n. A generalization of a binary search tree to a tree of degree n where each node in the ordered tree has m ← n children and contains (m-1) ordered key values, called subkeys. For some given search key, if the key is less than the first subkey then the first subtree (if it exists) is searched for the key; if the key lies between the i th and (i + 1)th subkey, wherei = 1,2,…, m-2then the (i + 1)th subtree (if it exists) is searched; if the key is greater than the last subkey then the m th subtree (if it exists) is searched.

Will be ordered past tense?

No, "will be ordered" is future tense. Past tense is "have ordered".

What is the most appropriate datastructure to implement priority queue?

The key characteristic of a priority queue is that elements in the queue must be ordered in some way, such that elements with higher priority move to the front of the queue more quickly than those with lower priority. As such, the most appropriate data structure for a priority queue is a heap, yielding O(1) extraction time and O(log n) insertion time.

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An ordered list of numbers?

An ordered pair

What is indexing in dbms with complete description?

file consist of records.In order to keep this records in particular order this index is made .It is a datastructure it retrives the record whose search key matches

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