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What is organic textiles?


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organic Cotton is grown without using pesticides from plants which are not genetically modified


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All foods, cosmetics, detergents, medicines, textiles, etc. are organic compounds.

Peter Ton has written: 'International market for organic cotton and eco-textiles'

The new innovations in textiles include development of textiles for industrial purpose called as Technical textiles , Geo-textiles, Agro-textiles, Protective clothing, Medical textiles, and Nano-textiles for varied applications.

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No. Textiles are clothing and fabrics.

textiles is called textile because it is related all weaving activities

Multicultural textiles is textiles from diffrent cultures gees its not that hard are thick or some thing !!!

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There are two syllables in textiles.

Potato, maize, quinoa, amaranth, avocado cocco are in peru Peru grows coca and organic coffee. Their main exports are copper, gold, zinc, textiles, and fish meal.

Batch production textiles is the manufacturing technique of creating a group of components using textiles.

Adinkra textiles established in 1818

Textiles are woven fabrics or cloth. All garment industries use textiles to create their products.

Well first off, textiles don't exactly "do" anything due to the fact that textiles are cloths in large amounts and are basically like string and yarn and such. Clothing is the main use of textiles.

Textiles are used to make clothing, sheets, towels, etc. Textiles is another work for fabrics and cloth.

assam is famous for cotton textiles

The textiles minister of the government of India is Udyog Bhawan.

Several states along our Eastern Seaboard are experienced with the production of textiles.

Annotation in Textiles, means the main phrase or important fact that you might have to remember during your lessons of textiles.

thermchromatic textiles is an inks used to colour a textile

Bangladesh University of Textiles was created in 1978.

Calico Museum of Textiles was created in 1949.

textiles are different fabrics and materials that clothing and shoes and all that stuff is made out of so woven textiles are just woven fabrics!

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