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The word "rune" was used by the Germanic tribes from at least 1800 years ago until about 1000 years ago as a form of writing. Which has been replace by the Roman alphabet that we use today.

(This paragraph is my opinion, not fact)
It is not a fact, but from the research I have done I believe that this is the original origin of the word. And that somewhere in the translation from the Runic alphabet to the Roman alphabet, we got the word "money".

I believe this to be true because they have found old poems in both Anglo-Saxon and Old Icelandic, where the word "rune" has been used to define money.

This has now got me puzzled also, and I am going to continue to research it. If I find out anything new with some sort of evidence to back up it, I will update this post. But for now, this is all I have.
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If you buy rune scape money will you get it?

This sounds very risky. The companies that sell "runescape gold" are not authorized by Jagex. Buying gold is against the rules, and if you don't get your gold, there is nowhere you can complain. In fact, you might get banned for breaking RuneScape rules.

How do you get money really fast in rune scape?

There is no fast short, such as a cheat code, to get money. There are lots of online guides to earn money; search some of them and find one that you like. Some things you might do are mining, fishing, or woodcutting, and selling what you get to the Grand Exchange. Similarly, you can kill monsters - ( Full Answer )

How do you get easy money on rune scape?

You do some mining, fishing, or woodcutting, or kill some "monsters" such as cows, and sell whatever you get at the Grand Exchange.

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How do you get money fast for members on rune scape?

There are tons of ways to make money in Runescape. It all really depends on your levels. Runecrafting is a good way if you can make runes like natures, laws, and deaths. Fletching is good if you can make Yew longs. Mining gold, coal, mith, etc. God wars if you have a high enough combat level. Many p ( Full Answer )

How do you get money on rune scape fast?

Use non-combat skills like fishing and woodcutting ect. For members, fishing and picking flax/spinning flax is a very good members. If you get high in a non-combat skill, you could start to earn a very large amount of money. If your a non member, I would probably say, still the skills. But you would ( Full Answer )

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What is the best way to get money on rune scape?

The best way money is: get your mining lvl to 30 so you can mine pure essence wood cut yews, maples, or mage trees mine rune ore or addy ore fish lobster, swordfish, any high lvl fish or train the main lvls like farming, hunter, herblore , ect.

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How do you make loads of money on rune scape?

Ok here are alot of good ways: 1.- Kill hill gaints and sell their bones for 360 coins at G.E. 2.- Get rune essence here are how many each will equal: 100= about 5k 500= about 10k 1k of essences= about 25k And 1500 of rune essences= 30k 3.- Collect ashs about 500 ashs will = about 5 ( Full Answer )

What is the maximum amount of money in rune scape?

A maximum cash stack is 2,147,483,647 gp. It only goes to this because it is the largest positive value of a signed integer on a 32 bit operating system. See the related links for a Wikipedia article for more information on it.

How do you make money easily in rune scape?

You get some resources, through mining, fishing, or woodcutting. You get some resources, through mining, fishing, or woodcutting. You get some resources, through mining, fishing, or woodcutting. You get some resources, through mining, fishing, or woodcutting.

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How do you make a lot money in Rune Scape?

Making money in RuneScape all has to do with you skill levels. Below are a few things you can do to make money in RuneScape, these are a few of many: . Chop Yews (Level 60 Woodcutting) May take a long time if you're low-levelled in Woodcutting (under 80 Woodcutting) . Mine Clay (Level 1 Minni ( Full Answer )

Is mining rune essence in rune scape make good money?

Some say it is, but I believe clay is much better - just compare the prices. At the time of this writing, clay is worth 2-3 times as much as rune essence. Note that both rune essence and clay give you very little mining experience, so once you have the required level (level 15, I think it was), you ( Full Answer )

In rune factory how do you get quick money?

its very easy all you have to do is this: go and buy a 4 bags of strawberry seeds, go to trestite forest-spring clearing and plant all of them and then after 8 days you shoud have 36 strawberrys and sell them. they sell for a lot and they are a multi harvest plant so you can get at least 10,000 in j ( Full Answer )

In rune factory frontier how do you get quick money?

well if you have the fishing pole. wait tell winter and go to lake poli or whatever. go to the hole in the ice and fish. you will get higher level fish. then cook. you will make a decent amount of money. do this all winter then sell at the end. then sit in aw.

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What is a fast money getter on rune scape?

Hunt for Polar Kebbit's and sell their skins at the Grand Exchange they sell for about 3000 Per skin and it takes about 1 and a half minute to catch one They only take level 1 hunter to catch so everyone can catch them.