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What is outer space?

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Outer space is the near-vacuum beyond the Earth's atmosphere. It has no air to scatter the light and so what we observe is a black emptiness spangled with stars and other extraterrestrial matter. People sometimes use the term "space" to describe this region beyond the Earth. However, space does include everything within the Earth's atmosphere as well as all of the land and water on its surface. A more accurate definition of the term "space" would be the continuous extension in all directions in which all matter exists.

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What is after outer space?

after outer space is deep space.

What is the opposite of outer space?

There is no antonym for outer space.

What is a word for space preceder?

outer (as in "outer space")

How they get the satellite into outer space?

they built it in outer space

Study of outer space?

The study of outer space is astronmy

Are there farmers in outer space?

Are you crazy? No there are no farmers in outer space.

Is gold from outer space?

Yes, gold is from outer space

When was In Outer Space created?

In Outer Space was created in 1983.

How is outer space measured?

Outer space is measured in light years

Can a gasoline engine operate in outer space?

No they can not operate in outer space.

Are there winds in outer space?

No. There is no atmosphere is outer space, thus no wind.

What is on the other side of outer space?

There is no "other side of outer space."

Is the stratosphere outer space?

No. The exosphere extends into outer space, though.

What is The study of outer space called?

The study of outer space is Astronomy.

Who studies outer space?

Astronomers study astronomy, which is outer space, otherwise some astronauts study outer space when they travel to the moon.

Is earth in outer space?

yes earth is in outer space so if someones says im gonna go to outer space no there going somewher else in space its because we have gravity so we will not float so yes earth is in outer space.

Is outer space bottomless?

Outer space is, in fact, bottomless, as well as endless.

Who discovered outer space?

No one discovered outer space. It has always been there.

When was The Chicken from Outer Space created?

The Chicken from Outer Space was created in 1995.

When was Psychopathics from Outer Space created?

Psychopathics from Outer Space was created in 1999.

When was Gayniggers from Outer Space created?

Gayniggers from Outer Space was created in 1992.

When was Man in Outer Space created?

Man in Outer Space was created in 1961.

When was Menace from Outer Space created?

Menace from Outer Space was created in 1956.

What are space rockets?

That refers to a rocket that goes into outer space - or that is used to drive something into outer space.

Can birds breathe in space?

Birds cannot breathe in outer space because there is no air to breathe in outer space.