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What is overfluxing relay?


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May 29, 2008 10:22AM

A transformer is designed to operate at or below a maximum magnetic flux density in the transformer core. Above this design limit the eddy currents in the core and nearby conductive components cause overheating which within a very short time may cause severe damage. The magnetic flux in the core is proportional to the voltage applied to the winding divided by the impedance of the winding. The flux in the core increases with either increasing voltage or decreasing frequency. During startup or shutdown of generator-connected transformers, or following a load rejection, the transformer may experience an excessive ratio of volts to hertz, that is, become overexcited. When a transformer core is overexcited, the core is operating in a non-linear magnetic region, and creates harmonic components in the exciting current. A significant amount of current at the 5th harmonic is characteristic of overexcitation.