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Private accident insurance?

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What is pai charge on rental car?

Personal Accident Insurance to cover the people in the car in case of accident.

What is pai?

Pai is a dad in Portuguese (ex.me ou pai)

What does pai pai mean?

It has two meanings. The Pai Pai are a group of aborigines that are native to the area of Northern Baja California, Mexico. The word "pai pai" in the Korean language also translates to "bye-bye."

What does Pai mean in japanese?

パイ (pai) means "pie" or the number 3.14 "pi."牌 (pai) is a mahjong tile.杯 (pai) is a counter for cups of sake/drinks.

When was Wayne Pai born?

Wayne Pai was born in 1952.

When did Wayne Pai die?

Wayne Pai died in 2008.

What is PAI Partners's population?

PAI Partners's population is 50.

When was Ajit Pai born?

Ajit Pai was born in 1945.

How tall is Angel Pai?

Angel Pai is 5' 8".

What is Pai District's population?

The population of Pai District is 29,526.

When was Lou Pai born?

Lou Pai was born in 1946.

Haere pai atu hoki pai mai?

Have a wonderful trip

When was Renee Pai born?

Renee Pai was born in 1956, in China.

When was Pai Wei born?

Pai Wei was born in 1957, in China.

What has the author Nirmala M Pai written?

Nirmala M. Pai has written: 'Dr. T.M.A. Pai' -- subject(s): Biography, Educators

Good in maori?

Ka pai usually, or tino pai, depending on the context

What does 'ka pai' mean?

Ka pai means good.

When was Pai Chai University created?

Pai Chai University was created in 1885.

When did T. A. Pai die?

T. A. Pai died in 1981.

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