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Q: What is panda fur made of?
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Red panda and giant panda's fur color?

A red panda's fur is like a reddish-brown.=A giant panda's fur color is black and white.=

Approximately how much is panda fur?

panda fur is rare so it costs a lot of money

What are pandas features?

panda's have black and white fur, their nose is made out of dog poo.

How do you describe the giant panda fur?

Giant Panda fur is highly desirable by poachers, who illegally kill pandas. A 2006 news report stated that two panda's fur was found on the police raid of a black market exchange. They reported that 1 panda fur was worth about 10 million USD, making it the most expensive fur.

What color is the Red Panda's fur?

the RED panda's fur is RED

Where are pandas used for food?

The habitats of the giant panda in China, and the red panda in the Himalayans, are locations where natives have long hunted pandas, but rarely just for food. Their fur is valued in some areas, as in "good luck" hats made from the red panda's tail fur in southwest China.

What is panda fur used for?

Panda fur is really soft and thick, so is used to make expensive hats and coats.

What is panda fur for?

It is insulation to keep the panda warm and dry

Why is a red panda called a red panda?

The red panda is called the red panda due to their color fur.

Why do panda's have fur?

Panda's need there fur to keep warm in the Chinese Mountains. They would die if the had tiny little strands of hair on them instead of a warm coat. Sadley people kill the panda's so the can use the fur for human coats.

Does a panda have fur?


Is panda fur bulletproof?

Panda fur is not bullet proof - something the number of pandas poached yearly should prove rather easily.

What body covering does a panda have?

A panda has fur. It has white fur, with a black strip across its chest and on its arms and its tail. Pandas also have black rings around their eyes.

What does a panda bear's fur feel like?

A panda bears fur feels like a soft cuddly blanket. It also is as soft as sheep wool. -me love purple panda bears:)

Does a panda have hair or fur?

Yes it have hair of fur. เออ มีThey have black and white fur.

What animal is bassarisk fur?

red panda(which is a fox) is bassarisk fur animal.

What covers a panda's skin?


What covers a panda bear?

Fur ...

What is the body covering of a red panda?

A red panda is covered in hair (fur).

How does a panda's fur look like?

the red pandas fur looks reddish - brownish

Is panda fur rough?

no their fur is actually soft like a flat cotton ball

What are the differences between polar bears and panda bears?

The panda bear has white and black fur, while the polar bear has only white fur to blend in with the snow. The panda lives in China. The polar bear started out in Russia and is now in Canada.

Is a panda bear cold or warm blooded?

The panda is a warmblooded mammal. The fur is a good clue.

What does a wolverines fur feel like?

a panda

What is the body covering on the red panda?