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What is parallel to 5x equals y-12?

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[ y = 5x plus or minus any number ] is parallel to [ 5x = y - 12 ], since parallel lines have the same slope.

5x = y - 12

y = 5x + 12 (slope is 5)

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5X = Y12 ???? If so...., Y12 = 5X Y = 12th root(5X) ===============

5x = y-2 y = 5x+2 Any line with the equation y=5x+b will be parallel. ■

The slope is ' 5 ', so both lines MUST be parallel.

If it is parallel, it must have the same slope of the original line which is -5.

If it's parallel then it will have the same slope of -5

y = -5x + 9 is the equation of a straight line. It cannot be parallel or perpendicular by itself, you need another line to compare it to.

The slope is 5. Parallel lines always have the same slope.

Parallel slopes have the same exact slope as the other parallel lines. In this case your first line is y=5x-1 this has a slope of 5. Therefore any parallel line will have a slope of 5. Its just that these parallel lines have different y-intercepts and x-intercepts.

If they have the same slope, they are parallel. The slopes are the same, so yes they are parallel.

It will be any of the equations that has the same slope of y = 5x+9 but with a different y intercept

The equations will have the same slope as y = 5x+9 but a different y intercept

You are missing a - or + sign. The answer is 5/2 though. :)

To answer this question we need to first get the slope of the line 5x-4y=9 by rearranging it in the form of y=mx+b: 5x-4y=9 4y=5x-9 y=(5/4)x-9/4 Since the slope of parallel lines are negative reciprocals of each other, the negative reciprocal of 5/4 is -4/5, therefore the slope of a line parallel to the line 5x-4y=9 is -4/5

5x + 4 = 10x - 5 10x - 5x = 4 + 5 5x = 9 x = 1.8

If y equals 5x-15 and x equals 1 then the value of y comes out to be -10. So y equals 5x-15 is -10.

5x=10 5x/5=10/5 x=2

45-5x = 5x+55 -5x-5x = 55-45 -10x = 10 x = -1

To find out what 5x equals to, you have to post the rest of the equation.

It has the same slope as the line in the question. If a line has equation y = mx + c, its slope is m. If the line in question is y = 5x + 3, the slope of a parallel line is 5; If the line in question is y + 5x = 3 → y = -5x + 3 (subtract 5x from both sides), the slope of a parallel line is -5.

if that is suppose to be x3 - y12 then you can not factor this further if that is suppose to be 3x-12y then 3(x-4y) is the factored form

What is the answer to 2x - 5x plus 6.3 equals -14.4?

Neither: because one line, by itself, can be neither parallel or perpendicular. These characteristics are relevant only in the context of another line (or lines). The given line is parallel to some lines and perpendicular to others.

5x plus 3 does equal 3 plus 5x; commutative law.

5x-3 = 37 5x = 37+3 5x = 40 x = 8

5x+3 = -17 5x = -17-3 5x = -20 x = -4

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