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What is partial edentulous?

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Partial edentulous simply means one is missing some teeth.

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What does edentulous mean?

= "Edentulous" means to be toothless.==e.g. The baby was edentulous, he had not grown teeth yet.=

What is the medical term meaning without natural teeth?

The medical term for "without teeth" is edentulous.edentulousThe word "edentulous" means being without natural teeth.That would be toothless. or it is endentulous without natural teeth.The medical term for "without teeth" is edentulous.toothless

A person who is edentulous has?

No teeth

What does endentulous mean?

Do edentulous have teeth?

Does Edentulous mean without teeth?


What is the term that means condition of no tooth?


What has the author Thomas Neil Scott written?

Thomas Neil Scott has written: 'A study of certain features in the gross and radiographic anatomy of the semi-edentulous and edentulous mouth'

If a hillbilly is complaining about an edentulous Yankee what is wrong with the out-of-stater?

no teeth

What has the author Clinton E Burnham written?

Clinton E. Burnham has written: 'Edentulous persons, United States--1971' -- subject(s): Dental Health Surveys, Dental clinics, Dental surveys, Edentulous Mouth, Statistics, Utilization

Why is tracheal intubation difficult in edentulous patients?

Tracheal intubation tends to be easier in edentulous patients as you have more room to manipulate your laryngoscope and place your tube. Mask ventilation is harder as the teeth provide structure to the mouth to allow airflow. Without teeth the mouth and cheeks tend to collapse. An oral airway may be useful.

What has the author Bengt Olof Hansson written?

Bengt Olof Hansson has written: 'Success and failure of osseointegrated implants in the edentulous jaw'

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