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Q: What is pasi payaru name in Telugu?
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What is the English name for thatai payaru?

thatai payaru

What is the meaning for green gram in Tamil?

Paasip Payaru.

Is Pasi a caste of SCheduled Caste?


What is pasi paruppu in English?

pasi paruppu

What is the name kingfisher in Telugu?

lakumuki is the telugu name of kingfisher bird

What is the Telugu name of walnut?

Akhrot, Akroot is the Telugu name for walnut.

What is the Telugu name of cranberry?

beri kaya is the name of the fruit in telugu.

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When was Pasi Koskinen born?

Pasi Koskinen was born in 1972.

When was Pasi Heikura born?

Pasi Heikura was born in 1963.

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