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Q: What is passive voice of the players were playing the match in the ground?
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How many players are on a basketball match?

if you are playing for a match,only 5 person can a team there are 11-13 players..

How many players Minimum can play in ground of a football match?


Can you see the players on football manager 2010 when they are playing in the match?


Where Soccer players are when their not playing a match?

They are training or living a normal life.

Who is players playing in today match?

Delhi Daredevils v Mumbai Indian

How many players will play volley ball in a match?

In basket ball there are 5 players playing on the court and in volleyball there are 6 players on the court. ;)

How can alchol affect football players?

dinking can affect a footballs stamina when playing a match

Explore the changes that happen within the body when the basketball players are playing the match?

mamamamama from anoymous

What button do you push to get 3 players on call of duty?

all you can do is play 2 players or if your playing private match than you can have 4 but not online

Has two players ever won the man of the match in the English premiership football?

[unless its kids playing] no

How may players in a volleyball match?

There are six players in a volleyball court during match.

How many people play raquetball?

The International Racquetball Federation estimates that 14 million people play racquetball worldwide.