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What is penal code 11364.1 HS?

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possesion of drug paraphernalia hypodermic syringe.

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What does Penal code 1000 refer to?

For felonies, how does penal code section 1000 affect 11350(A) HS and 11550(A) HS and 23152(A) VC?

What is California Penal Code 11377A HS?

Possession of a dangerous drug

What is ca penal code hs 11364A?

Possession of drug paraphernalia

What is Penal code HS 11364?

Health and Safety Code 11364 Possesion of Drug Paraphernalia

What is ca penal code 11350 A HS?

possession of heroin for personal use.

What is California Penal code 11379?

11379(a) hs-transport/etc controlled substance

What is CA Penal code 11375 B 2 HS?

possession of a designated substance

What is ca penal code 11359 hs?

felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell

What is penal code 11364.1 (a) hs?

California law, possession of drug paraphernalia.

What is CA Penal Code 11378 HS?

Possession of a controlled substance, such as methamphetamine, heroine, or cocaine.

What is CA Penal Code 11550 HS?

Health and safety ....under the influence of a cotrolled sustance.

What is CA Penal Code 11377 a HS?

It is the law making it a crime to possess controlled substances.

What is penal code HS 11377?

This is the section of the California Health and Safety (not Penal) Code that describes possession of certain controlled substances. It is most commonly used to charge people with possession of methamphetamine.

What does this penal code mean 11550 HS?

It has to do with the illicit use of controlled substances (drugs) in California and the punishments for violations.

What does this penal code mean hs 11364?

It is usually a drug charge for large amounts and or possession of parafanellia with intent to sell

What is penal code HS 12305?

California Health and Safety code 12305: Illegal possesion of explosives. Misdemeanor or Felony also known as a wobbler in California.

What is penal code 11360 hs?

it states if a person has intent to sell, transports and has in possesion of (but has not given) the drugs (marijuana) to the potential buyer....

What is a 11378 hs penal code?

Section 11378 of the California Health and Safety Code governs the penalty for possession of a Schedule III, IV or V controlled substance.

What is California penal code HS 11379 A?

Section 11379-A of the Health and Safety Code in California is a drug trafficking section, the punishments for which are two to nine years in prison.

What does Penal code 11378 HS mean?

California Penal Code 11378 of the Health and Safety (HS) section tells you, in a very legaleeze way, of the max sentence for being found guilty of possession for sale of phencyclidine. I haven't looked up what that drug or possible precursor chemical is, but it is irrelevant. If you want to know what it is, use webmd and search that chemical.

What is California penal code 27.60?

This code does not exist in the California Penal Code section. This penal code is not found in any state.

What does penal code 1203 mean?

Which state's penal code?

When was The Penal Code created?

The Penal Code was created in 1932.

What is the HS code for salt?

This HS code is 2501.00 for US.

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