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Learning while traveling from place to place, esp. working or based in various places for relatively short periods of time

A peripatetic teacher, philosopher, theologian, preacher, or disciple is one who walks, or travels, while teaching or learning.

A similar Greek word peripatetikos (Greek:περιπατητικός) refers to the act of walking, and as an adjective, "peripatetic" is often used to mean itinerant, wandering, meandering, or walking about. Aristotle is thought to be the first Peripatetic teacher. After Aristotle's death, a legend arose that he was a "peripatetic" lecturer - that he walked about as he taught.

Grew in popularity during the 12th century renaissance in medieval Europe. E.g.

Peter Abelard 1079 - 21 April 1142

a medieval French scholastic philosopher, theologian and preeminent logician

Abelard became an academic. During his early academic pursuits, Abelard wandered throughout France, debating and learning, so as (in his own words) "I began to travel about in several provinces disputing, like a true peripatetic philosopher, wherever I had heard there was keen interest in the art of dialectic."

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Q: What is peripatetic system of education?
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