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Permeability is an important characteristic of what?

Capillary walls & Cell membranes

What is the characteristic of a cell membrane that controls which substances can enter and exit the cell?

selective permeability

What is the characteristic of a sell membrane that controls which substances can enter and exit the cell?

The selective permeability, also called semi-permeability, of the membrane controls which substances cant enter and exit the cell.

What is feromagnetism?

It is a characteristic of substances such as iron, nickel, or cobalt and various alloys that exhibit extremely high magnetic permeability, a characteristic saturation point, and magnetic hysteresis.

Why is selective permeability so important to the cell?

Selective permeability is important because it allows only the useful substances to get in instead of other substances that can affect the cell's system.

Why is soil permeability important?

Soil permeability is important to plants that lives on land. The space between soil particles are called pore spaces. Water and air filled these spaces. The size of pore spaces and the way in which the pore spaces are connected affect permeability. Because, permeability is the rate which water can pass through a porous material. Soils through which water passes quickly have a high permeability.

WHAT IS The measure of how easily water can travel through soil and rock?

Permeability is the name given to this characteristic. Maybe preceded with 'Water' if appropriate.

Permeability refers to?

Permeability refers to the ability of a certain membrane to let liquids pass through it. Some important biological processes such as osmosis depend on this capability.

How does selective permeability maintain homeostasis?

The selective permeability of a cells membrane helps the cell to maintain homeostasis because it controls what goes in and out of the cell. This is extremely important for the health of the cell.

Does silt have high permeability?

Silt has neither high or low permeability. It has moderate permeability. :) !

Why is a soil's texture important in determining how the soil absorbs water?

The soil texture is important because only its mineral components will help us to know the permeability of water through them which determines the permeability of water in a particular type of it is important to know abt the texture......

What important genetic characteristic does Marfan syndrome have?

Another important genetic characteristic of Marfan syndrome is variable expression.

Unit of relative permeability?

Relative permeability is dimensionless

What is permeability value of germanium?

16.0 is the value of permeability

Which one is an important characteristic of a motor unit?

This is a very generalized question. Different motor units have different important characteristics. An example being how an important characteristic of the motor unit of a vehicle is the intake manifold but the important characteristic of a game consoles motor is its gears.

What is an important characteristic of good money?

An important characteristic of good money is scarcity. This means that it is not readily available which will increase its value as well.

Is any material restrict to pass magnetic flux?

Look up the term PERMEABILITY and I'm sure you can find charts for various materials listing this measured characteristic.

Why is selective permeability an important property of a cell membrane?

Cells must have the ability to control their internal environment. Selective permeability allows the cell to regulate the ions, water balance, nutrients and waste products.

What creates selective permeability of the plasma membrane?

selective permeability

What material has the lowest permeability?

What sort of permeability? Be more specific.

What is the importance of selective permeability in a cell?

It avoids the entry of unnecessary substances.It is important in protection and efficient function.

What does selective permeability mean what is responsible for the selective permeability of the plasma or cell membrane?

Permeability- being able to be pierced/passed through.

How does porosity and permeability interact?

The porosity directly correlates with the permeability because the permeability requires a certain level of porosity for a certain measure of it.

What is the most important characteristic about sociology?

what are the most important characteristics of sociology

What is soil permeability?

soil permeability is the amount of water soil can hold

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