What is personal truth and universal truth?

Ques: What is personal truth and universal truth?
Ans: Personal truth is a truth known individually, and universal truth is a truth known worldly.
Ans: Personal truth is what someone has come to believe as "true" for them or to them through individual experiences or insights. An example might be what someone believes to be beautiful. A particular view might be described as "beautiful" by that person, but not by everyone. Another might be that compassion is the foremost emotion to have. No one can argue about or disprove a personal truth since it is based on a person's individual experience.

Universal truth is the feeling of absolution in simply knowing, sensing or visualizing that it "is" or will "be." An example is believing that "death is an ending," while death is a transformation or continuation into absolution which is everywhere around us. If death was an absolute then we will not continue and we do continue, conferring the paradox that has been created in the human mind.