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What is photolysis of water?

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The process of breakdown of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen by the influence of light during the light reactions of photosynthesis.

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The importance of photolysis of water is that it is able to split water and remove hydrogen. Without photolysis, the process of photosynthesis would hardly take place in plants.

You could sayn that as water is losing electrons in the process of photolysis.

=== === hydrolysing is pouring the excess water to certain substance and then stirring it and photolysis is splitting of water in presence of light

The splitting of water with light is photolysis.

Photolysis of water is significant because it plays a key role in photosynthesis which is the process used by a plant to make sugar. Without photolysis of water photosynthesis wouldn't be possible. Without photosynthesis, sugar couldn't be made and life as we know it on Earth wouldn't exist.

They are obtained from water. Photolysis of water release Electrons

water is broken is to O2. The process is known as photolysis

the process in which water is converted into glucose and oxygen by the sunlight is called photolysis which can be understand by given equation . it take place in leaf during day time.

That is oxygen gas. It is by photolysis of water

Photolysis refers to the decomposition or separation of molecules by the action of light. The reactant in this process is a water molecule, and the products are molecular oxygen and hydrogen ions.

Ultimately, the electrons taken when water is split in photosystem II during the process of photolysis.Photosystems loose electrons during light reactions.Their lost electrons are replaced by photolysis of water

Light phase need electrons. These are supplied photolysis of water. This generates ATP

No, this is called an electrolysis: done by electric currentPhotolysis is done by light (photons) eg. Cl2 --> Cl. + Cl.

yesYes,oxygen is made. It is made by photolysis of water.

Molecular Oxygen is formed. This produced by photolysis of water

Because light energy is needed for photolysis of water

Water is the molecule. Process is called photolysis

Water is broken to obtain electrons.Process is called photolysis.

It is oxygen gas. Photolysis of water generates it

in photolysis woter molecules are split

Your question is very unclear. Photolysis of what?

Photolysis of water produce Oxygen. This is the main byproduct.

The splitting of water during photosynthesis is called photolysis. It is the decomposition of water molecules by the action of light.

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