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What is pilgrimage tourism?

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This is a very interesting area. Since pilgrims often travel to areas that are notably important in history there naturally are many who seek to visit these areas for both the historical element and for the spectacle of pilgrims visiting. For example, Muslims that go on hajj to Makkah do so primarily for religious reasons (hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam, or the five necessary steps necessary in leading a 'fully' Islamic life) however the sights and sounds of the site create awe and interest in a historical way, similar to a tourist visiting Manhattan, the Pyramids or Stonehenge. Because of this, someone go on a pilgrimage more for the sake of taking photos and viewing the pilgrimage as an outsider.

When a person goes on a trip that would normally be for religious reasons, but the real reason they go are for enjoyment, relaxation or curiousity, they are indulging in tourism that is based around pilgrimage.

This is found in many places. Lourdes in France is a good example of this. It is difficult to judge whether one is a 'pilgrimage tourist' or 'spiritual tourist' since the genuine intentions of the pilgrim are unknown and it is likely that everybody embarks upon some form of tourism during a pilgrimage in some shape or form.

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What effects does Mt Fuji have on local villages or cities over the centuries?

They were routes of pilgrimage. They have become centers of tourism.

What kind of roles does religion play in tourism industry?

The only role religion has is that people tend to visit religious places for Pilgrimage and this itself creates a multi million industry for tourism.

What is lesser pilgrimage?

a lesser pilgrimage is a pilgrimage that is lesser than the normal pilgrimage

Who might go on a pilgrimage?

Anyone can go on a pilgrimage, it just depends on what their pilgrimage is about.

A sentence of pilgrimage?

What is a sentence for pilgrimage?

What is a sentence for the word pilgrimage?

Will you join me on my pilgrimage?

Basic forms of tourism?

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About tourist destinations and development of tourism in India?

India is privileged to have endless tourist attractions such as beautiful hill stations, pilgrimage destinations, incredible historical monuments, wildlife sanctuaries and cultural attractions.

What are the fields of tourism?

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What is pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is a journey, often for religious reasons.

What is the main Muslim pilgrimage?

The Hajj which is the pilgrimage to mecca.

What part of speech is pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage is a noun and a verb.

Four forms of tourism?

There are four forms that tourism can be classified into. There is international tourism, internal tourism, domestic tourism, and national tourism.

How do you use pilgrimage in a sentence?

The pilgrimage went on for over a year

When was Diary of a Pilgrimage created?

Diary of a Pilgrimage was created in 1891.

List the different types of tourism?

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What are the classification of tourism product?

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Is it important to study the heritage tourism?

yes... for a great future in tourism industry or for a bright knowledge about tourism you must have all the knowlwdge about kindda of tourism. Heritage tourism is not just a kind of travel. eco-tourism, sports tourism, rural tourism, dark tourism, adventure tourism, etc are the kind of tourism. Study them too.

Where do Jews have their pilgrimage?

There is no ritual pilgrimage in Judaism today, however it has become a customary pilgrimage to visit Israel at least once in a lifetime.

What is the Jewish place of pilgrimage?

Until 70 C.E. Jews made pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem. With the destruction of the Temple, Judaism has not had pilgrimage.

What are sport tourism categories?

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Why does the Canterbury pilgrimage begin in April?

why does the group make its pilgrimage in april

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