A sentence of pilgrimage

Updated: 11/7/2022
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What is a sentence for pilgrimage?

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Q: A sentence of pilgrimage
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What is a sentence for the word pilgrimage?

Will you join me on my pilgrimage?

How do you use a pilgrimage in a sentence?

The pilgrimage went on for over a year

Use pilgrimage in a sentence?

Muslims should make a pilgrimage to Mecca, their holy city.

How do you use the word pilgrimage in a sentence?

Try: Hundreds of years ago, my ancestors made a pilgrimage to Rome. Or: The fanatics made an annual pilgrimage to their holy shrine.

Make a sentence using the word pilgrimage?

Every year, thousands of people embark on a pilgrimage to visit the holy sites of their faith.

Sentence of pilgrimage?

The religious make a pilgramage to Mecca every year.

How do you use the word pilgrimmage in a sentence?

They planned a pilgrimage back home.

What is lesser pilgrimage?

a lesser pilgrimage is a pilgrimage that is lesser than the normal pilgrimage

What is a journey made for special purposes?

An expeditionA pilgrimage

Who might go on a pilgrimage?

Anyone can go on a pilgrimage, it just depends on what their pilgrimage is about.

What is the noun for pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage is a noun.

What was a pilgrimage road?

What was a "Pilgrimage Road?"