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Pinipig is actually immature glutinous rice that is harvested and pounded into what look more like light green flakes. The flakes are moist and redolent with a fragrance that is simply unique. They are almost the quintessence of rice. These flakes can be eaten raw but it can be also eaten boiled. Pinipig rice is used for rice-based convenience food products in which no rice ingredients are packed separately and mixed only during heating. It indicates that a significant amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. Substantial difference in humidity substance exists in the middle of grains in the same panicle, since panicles flower and develops from top to base. Pinipig tend to be lower and protein content tends to be higher in the bottom undergrowth of a panicle. Most favorable moisture content for harvesting varies with the period but is frequently reached about a month after flowering. Consistency of pinnacle amongst panicles affects the proportion of undeveloped in the harvest crop; pinipig rice's have more synchronous than non-sensitive varieties. Young grains decrease the head rice yield and are totally dry.

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Q: What is pinipig and how is it made?
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