What is plimsoll lines?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Plimsoll lines are lines on boats and ships. If the line goes beneath the water the ship has too much cargo to be safe.

The line was instigated by the English politician, Samuel Plimsoll, to try and stop the loss of lives and ships. Owners and shippers encouraged the captain to overload to get maximum freight for cost.

The line is now assigned by insurance companies and enforced by laws, across the world.

It looks like a circle with a line through it, on both sides midway along the side.

The line through the middle must not be submerged, when floating in salt water, in summer seasonal waters.

Another set of lines ahead of it, show modifications to the plimsoll line, allowing for seasonal differences, fresh water and timber cargoes.

There are usually two letters placed fore and aft on the line. This denotes which insurance company has assigned the line.

L R = Lloyd's Registry

B V = Bureau Veritas

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Q: What is plimsoll lines?
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Who introduced the plimsoll lines?

Samuel Plimsoll

Who invented plimsoll lines?

19th-century English politician Samuel Plimsoll.

Why is the plimsoll line called the plimsoll line?

because it was invented by a man called Samuel plimsoll It has saved many lines, he deserves to be honored for this idea.

When was the Plimsoll Lines introduced?

it was invented in the 19th centuary

What are plimsoll lines used for today?

the plimsoll lines are what is on the side on a boat. when you fill a boat with heavy goods, the water can be no higher than the line otherwise the boat sinks.

Why did Samuel Plimsoll invent the Plimsoll Lines?

To help reduce the number of lives lost at sea due to overloading of ships.

Where can you find a plimsoll line?

Plimsoll lines are marked on the side of a ship to indicate maximum loading. This varies slightly depending on the season and the ocean, depending what type of ship it is.

What did plimsoll force ship owners to do?

The Plimsoll Lines stopped owners overloading the ship, as it provided a 'load line' which could not be exceeded. i.e. when a ship goes to sea, the water line is never allowed to go above the plimsoll line.

What happens if the plimsoll line is below the level of the water?

The plimsoll line is a reference mark painted on the bow of a ship. If the line is below the water level, the ship is overloaded. There are lines for when on fresh water and when on salt water.

Then was the plimsoll line invented?

The plimsoll line was invented in the 19th centary by a british man named Samuel plimsoll

When was Jack Plimsoll born?

Jack Plimsoll was born in 1917.

When did Jack Plimsoll die?

Jack Plimsoll died in 1999.