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The Plimsoll Lines stopped owners overloading the ship, as it provided a 'load line' which could not be exceeded. i.e. when a ship goes to sea, the water line is never allowed to go above the plimsoll line.

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Q: What did plimsoll force ship owners to do?
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What did Samuel plimsoll force other ship owners to do?

because he wanted to

Why did Samuel plimsoll force ship people to overload there ships?

On the contrary: The English politician and reformer, Samuel Plimsoll, devised the Plimsoll Line to prevent the overloading of ships. Ships float higher on salt water, and lower on fresh water. So the Plimsoll Line, painted on the bow of a ship, indicates the mark past which the ship must not pass - or it would be overloaded.

What is another name for a ship's load mark?

It is known as the plimsoll line, originally called the plimsoll mark.

Where can you find a plimsoll line?

Plimsoll lines are marked on the side of a ship to indicate maximum loading. This varies slightly depending on the season and the ocean, depending what type of ship it is.

What thewhite line is called on the side of a ship?

plimsoll mark

What is on the side of a ship?

The gunwales, the anchors, the name, and the Plimsoll line.

What is a plimsoll line on ships and why is it so important for safety?

the plimsoll line is for the saftey of the ship. it is important because people could die.

Why do ships have a plimsoll line?

To tell how high or low the ship is resting in the water. Also by examining the plimsoll line you can see how heavy a load is that the ship is carrying and is sometimes used as a warning against overloading.

What side is the plimsoll mark on a ship?

There is one on each side, port and starboard.

What happens if the plimsoll line is below the level of the water?

The plimsoll line is a reference mark painted on the bow of a ship. If the line is below the water level, the ship is overloaded. There are lines for when on fresh water and when on salt water.

Why are plimsoll lines important?

They indicate the density of the seawater, which determines how much lift-force the water can apply to the ship. So, basically, the lines show how much cargo a ship can hold in different water bodies.

How do ships use Archimedes principle?

Archimedes principle led to the Plimsoll Line, which is marks painted near the bows of a ship. Basically, a ship on salt water floats higher and can carry more cargo. While a ship on fresh water will float lower and can safely carry less cargo. Samual Plimsoll introduced the Plimsoll Line to solved the hazard of capsizing posed by overloading a ship.

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