What is polished improvisation?

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It means taking an Idea and rehearsing it in drama

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Q: What is polished improvisation?
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Related questions

What is the definition of Polished improvisation?

Improvisation with polished people

What is a Polished improvisation in drama?

polished improvisation is drama is where a cast in a improvisation game for example has time to create a storyline or something like that before they go on the stage. Which means they have little time to come up with something and they can rehearse a couple of minutes before they go on the stage.

What is prepared improvisation?

An improvisation which is shaped and rehearsed.

Is improvisation of apparatus important?

Improvisation of an apparatus is absolutely important. This improvisation brings about improvements for the technology and that is always good.

Jazz improvisation that involves playing in response to the chord changes of the song is called?

harmonic improvisation.

What is the difference betweenprepared improvisation and spontanious improvisation?

Improvisation means to make it up as you go without planning it ahead of time

What is rehearsed improvisation?

Rehearsed improvisation is when someone improvises in the same style for a while. This rehearsed improvisation is usually for the purpose of a concert.

How do you use improvisation in a sentence?

in theater arts class we are learning about improvisation

What style of improvisation was Swing jazz famous for using?

Solo Improvisation.

What makes a good improvisation?

every body what makes a good improvisation?

When did Kandinsky paint Improvisation 35?

Improvisation 35 was painted in 1914.

What musical elements are not altered for improvisation?

In musical improvisation chord progression is not altered.

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