What is pomo Indian history?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is pomo Indian history?
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What was the environment like in the Pomo Indian tribe?

what is the description of the pomo enviroment

Do pomo Indian's have any emenys?

The Pomo Indians had the Navajo Indians for enemies.

What chores do men and women have in the Pomo Indian tribe?

pomo indians jobs

What Indian group lived in present day California?

the chumash indians

How are the pomo Indians different from other Indian tribes?

the Pomo Indians made pretty baskets

What were Pomo Indian leaders called?


What Indian tribe does the pomo Indians live in?

the pomo Indians are a tribe. There are many different bands therein.

What is the pomo Indian clamshell necklace made of?


Th pomo were part of which Indian culture?


What do pomo Indian homes look like?

Pomo Indians lived in large communties and had houses made of grass.

How were the pomo tribe homes arranged?

it depends on which band of pomo Indian group you are referring to.... there are eleven separate bands.

The Pomo were part of which Indian Culture?

The Pomo Indians were part of the California Indian culture. They lived in a small group called "bands" that were linked by marriage, geography and lineage.