What is position of jharkhand in education?

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Well if you start finding the position of education specially for the sates such as Jharkhand and Bihar too, thne you will come to know that most of the IITians belong to these two states. But it is also been a truth that there are lots of people still not educated. So you can consider yourself the position of jharkhand in education.
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What education is needed for a farm manager position?

Answer . \nGrowing up on a family farm and participating in agricultural programs for young people, such as the National FFA Organization or the 4-H youth educational programs, are important sources of training for those interested in pursuing agriculture as a career. However, modern farming requ ( Full Answer )

What is the positive and negative of internet on education?

Answer . There are several positive and negative impacts of the Internet on education. For rural areas especially, the access to information that the Internet offers is an incredible positive force, allowing almost anyone to find the answers to basic questions simply and easily. It helps educatio ( Full Answer )

What are the positive aspects of a Catholic education?

It teaches a person about the Lord and the promise of Eternal Life, it is the most important thing a person can learn. . Answer . When I sent my son to a small Catholic school, what I liked were the small classes, and the involvement of fellow parents. But most of all, the enforcement of behav ( Full Answer )

What are the positive effects of technology on education?

People can access pictures and documents from their homes even if they don't have the references in paper format. Presentations, classes, and meetings can be shown/held remotely. Questions can be asked electronically.. People in rural communities can now get a degree from a University without havin ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of positive correlations in education?

Example of positive correlation:. The longer you walk, the further you go (unless you are on a treadmill).. The more food you eat, the more calories you ingest.. Income and education are positively correlated, meaning that income and education are related, but correlation does not prove that one ( Full Answer )

How does your education relate to this position?

There are a number of ways education can relate to a position youare applying for. It indicates how long and hard you've studied, aswell as your knowledge about the position and its requirements.

Positive impact of education?

Answer . knowledge. Answer . looks good on your resume. Answer . First, education is not synonymous with wise. The positive impact of education can only be measured by the individuals ability to use that accumulated knowledge in a beneficial and productive way. It is the appropriate us ( Full Answer )

Name the districts in jharkhand?

Check this site... It contains detailed information about each and every districts in Jharkhand. http://www.traveljharkhand.com/jharkhand-tourism/districts-in-jhrakhand.com

Is the department of education a cabinet position?

Yes. The US Department of Education was split from the department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) in 1979. The residual agency was renamed the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

What are the positive effects of cell phones on education?

well, i think the positive effect of cell phone in education is its access to internet.... more to say its access to google.........i still remember i always took my mobile with me when preparing notes for the class.. it decreases the load of dictionary that i had to carry with me....i cud see the m ( Full Answer )

What is Obama's position in the Education system?

K-12 education in America is almost exclusively local. A school board is elected by local voters or in some instances appointed by local authorities. These boards make all decisions on the operation of the local schools, however, they must comply with state mandates. All fifty states, have minimum s ( Full Answer )

What is Obama position on education?

Here's a summary on U.S. Senator Barack Obama's positions on higher education issues.. How do the major U.S. presidential candidates stand on higher education issues that are important to college students? Here's a synopsis of the positions of U.S. Senator Barack Obama.. Financial Aid . Senator ( Full Answer )

Where the tata mines in ghatotand in jharkhand?

the tata mines in ghatotand is in ramgardh dist. mines are washery, power house and diffrend one.. . you can take more information about tata mines plz contact me bcoz i m from ghatotand.. . my email address is sumit176@gmail.com . thank u

What is the literacy of Jharkhand?

The literacy rate for Jharkhand is 54.13% , out of which male literacy rate is 67.94% and female literacy rate is 39.38 %. There is a large reservoir of education and technical institutes, offering large pool of trained manpower for industries. More Details at : Education in Jharkhand.. (http://ne ( Full Answer )

What is the capital of the jharkhand?

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand. For more about Jharkhand , check these links http://www.traveljharkhand.com/jharkhand-tourism/jharkhand-overview.html

Positive impact of western education in India?

Western education in India has had a positive impact in some ways.Rates of literacy greatly increased and for the first time, thepoorest Indians had someaccess to knowledge.

What are the positive effect of education?

the positive effect of education is being able to understand anything that is set before you given at any time. you also can have a reliable and good job just from going to school. education can help you teach others in other subjects they don't know about so its more of gaining more knowledge every ( Full Answer )

What is the GDP of jharkhand?

the GDP of jharkhand 2008-2009 is about 8.45% which is greater than rajsthan and other develope state.......

Why MBA in Jharkhand?

Being an Ex-Student I advise all the MBA Aspirants to atleast NSIBM , Jamshedpur. Where your future can be endorsed and ensured.

What are the positive and negative effects of girl child education?

Specially there are positive effect about the girl child education They get new life through it. They learn about the right and wrong things about what to do and what not to do. Specially about the social problems which is based about girls only And about the negative effects I don't think there ar ( Full Answer )

How can education be an important factor when applying for a position?

Your boss or the manager of the place needs to know: How smart you are? How much you know? How far your education has taken place? Ex. You get a job at Tim Horton and they give you the job as the cash register, a costumer comes for a cup of coffee and a donut, the cup of coffee costs $1.96 and ( Full Answer )

Is positive attitude and education is required for business success?

hi this is umapathi raja , i graduated master in business administration. according to my view positive attitude is most important to any business as well as daily life. and education is not important to business success, many celebritys they dont have higher education , but now they are in higher ( Full Answer )

Who is the richest people in jharkhand?

1) Mr. Rahul Dutta 2) Mr. Nayan Kajal Das 3) Mr. Madhu sudan kahar 4) Mr. Bikash Biswas 5) Mr. Soumirtro Sarkar 6) Mr. Madan Sharma 7) Mr. Motu rungta 8) Mr. Jhalak Roy Maulick (Dastak Studios) 9) Mr. Shubham Mukherjee (Webaccuracy) 10). Mr. Ankit Kr

What are some coaching points for body position in physical education?

Stand up with feet should distance apart, reach down to your left feet for 10 seconds then the right feet and do the same. Another way is put your left arm around the back of your neck and stretch! then do the same with the other. There's more but it would take me too long to type it.

What are the Negative and positive aspects of education?

Well the negative is that you can`t hang out with yuor mates and the positive is the aspects and the benefit of learning and the prospects of learning is to have a positive job so we can achieve goals and it affects our carrer in a good way. note: you should try to learn and be happy for yourself an ( Full Answer )

Where is Jharkhand?

Jharkhand is a state in Eastern India, bordered by Bihar to thenorth, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh to the west, Odisha to thesouth, and West Bengal to the east.

What is the Provincial animal of Jharkhand?

The Indian elephant ( Elephas maximus indicus ) is the provincial animal of Jharkhand and also the national animal of the Republic of India.

Where can one contact the government of Jharkhand?

The government of Jharkhand can be contacted by visiting the national parliament in the state of Jharkhand in eastern India. That's located on the subcontinent of India.

What type of positive change can be brought by education?

Education can make every persons, whether a child still or an adult already, life much brighter. With education people can go on to bigger and better places, have better careers, and higher paying jobs.

What were the positive effects of colonial education to Africa?

Although many Africans today like to emphasize 'white exploitation'during the colonial years, the historic truth is rather different.Apart from the fact that the colonial period almost nowhere lastedfor more than 70 years, many African colonies were during thatperiod mostly seen as an expense by the ( Full Answer )