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Because you could die

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Q: What is positioning of equipment in ICT?
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What does safety positioning equipment to avoid falls mean?


What aids and equipment can be used for moving and positioning?

can someone describe the aids and equipment that my be used for moving and poisitioning

What health and safety factors need to be taken into account when moving and positioning individuals and any equipment used to do this?

what health and safety factors should you consider when moving and positioning a service user including the use of equipment

How does DJ use wired technology to connect ict equipment?

so he can use a printer

List 4 uses of ICT equipment in society today?

Police, schools, dentists, nurses....

How can tubes IV lines incisions and medical equipment affect the patient positioning procedure?

They get in the way

What are TopCon lasers used for?

The TopCon lasers are used in the construction industry These lasers are used as positioning equipment and are used by surveyors, civil engineers, construction contractors and equipment operators.

What was the reason for the development of the GPS system?

The military needed a global positioning system to locate people and equipment and to steer intelligent munitions.

What is radiography position?

Radiography positioning is the technique used to place the patient and the radiographic equipment in specific positions to obtain clear and accurate diagnostic images. Proper positioning is essential to ensure that the structures of interest are well visualized on the radiograph.

How do you operate equipment used for producing and sending written or ICT communications?

For instance, typing using a keyboard and sending the information via email.

What does situ mean in ICT terms?

what does * mean in ict what does * mean in ict

How can ict help teachers in their tasks?

They use it to give the information about how we can keep our body fit they also use it to adevertise equipment to use during exrcise