What is pot mark skin?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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I believe you are actually referring to "pockmark" skin. Scarring caused usually by acne.

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Q: What is pot mark skin?
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What is solutions to remove skin marks and black pot on skin?

The solutions to remove skin marks and black pot on skin is by using home remedies like lemon juice,buttermilk,oats or almonds where you apply on the spots.

Why does the white mark show on your skin when something scratches you?

Obviosly, a white scratch mark will appear THAT MEANS THAT YOUR SKIN IS DRY

What is a permanent skin mark?

A scar

If you take off lots of layers of skin can you remove a stretch mark?

No. A stretch mark is a thinning in the skin and removing layers of skin would tend to make it worse.

Can a door handle on 98 mark 8 be welded?

No, it's pot metal.

When you erase your skin does the mark stay on your skin for life?

no it vanishes with face wash.

What color eyeshadow paint pot from MAC would look good on you if you have medium skin tone with yellow undertones?

I have the Rubenesque Paint Pot and I love it. I'm sure it would look great with a medium skin tone :)

A mark left on the skin from a wound.?


Can skin peeling cause stretch mark?


Can smoking pot give you pimples?

No, it would more likely improve your skin health.

What is the skin mark on Justin beaver side?

It is a tatoo

What do you call a mark left on skin from a wound?

It is a scar.