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power spectral density (PSD), which describes how the power of a signal or time series is distributed with frequency. Here power can be the actual physical power, or more often, for convenience with abstract signals, can be defined as the squared value of the signal, that is, as the actual power if the signal was a voltage applied to a 1-ohm load.

Since a signal with nonzero average power is not square integrable, the Fourier transforms do not exist in this case. Fortunately, the Wiener-Khinchin theorem provides a simple alternative. The PSD is the Fourier transform of the autocorrelation function, R(τ), of the signal if the signal can be treated as a wide-sense stationary random process.

The power of the signal in a given frequency band can be calculated by integrating over positive and negative frequencies.

The power spectral density of a signal exists if and only if the signal is a wide-sense stationary process. If the signal is not stationary, then the autocorrelation function must be a function of two variables, so no PSD exists, but similar techniques may be used to estimate a time-varying spectral density.
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What is Bulk density power?

Answer . Bulk density a property of particulate materials. It is the mass of many particles of the material divided by the volume they occupy. The volume includes the space between particles as well as the space inside the pores of individual particles.. Bulk density is not an intrinsic propert ( Full Answer )

What the different between Na-spectral lamp and Hg-spectral lamp?

Answer . A spectral lamp is a sealed glass or quartz bulb that generally contains a small amount of some solid or gas. When excited by a high voltage, the sample will give off a pattern of colors that is the "signature" of the specific material contained in the lamp. Na and Hg lamps have small am ( Full Answer )

What produces a bright spectral line?

An emission or absorption line in a spectrum that arises when an electron moves between two energy levels in an atom. A jump to a higher level requires an input of energy, and produces a dark absorption line. A drop to a lower level releases energy, producing a bright emission line.

What causes spectral lines?

What causes spectral lines is energy being emitted when "excited"electrons move from one energy level to another.

What is spectral evidence?

what is spectral evidence Spectrum (spectral) refers to different frequencies of light associated with a substance.

What is three free spectral range?

i think you mean 'What is the free spectral range?'. it is the range in which orders of are not overlapping.. see http://www.shimadzu.com/products/opt/oh80jt0000001ux4.html. hope it was some help for you

Is spectral type k hotter then spectral type a?

No. K spectral type stars (which are orange) temperature is ranging from 5,000-3,500. A spectral type stars (which are blue-white) temperature is ranging from 7,500-11,000.

What is a spectral pattern?

A spectral pattern is basically a line of dark or bright colorsthat continue on and never stop. These patterns and lines can beused to identify gases and lights.

What is the coolest spectral class of stars?

\nThis is more complicated than it might seem. The short answer is "M, T, or Y, depending."\n. \nThe coolest type in the Harvard classification system is M; red or (in late M) brown dwarfs. Class M stars have temperatures below around 3700 K.\n. \nIn order to further distinguish between stars at t ( Full Answer )

What is the hyper spectral?

hyper spectral means that you get too hyper the spectral part is when you have a sugar rush(too much sugar)! .

What does spectral evidence mean?

Spectral evidence is a rather unique word. It also has an interesting concept. Spectral evidence is basically a form of evidence that is based upon dreams and visions. It is when someone claimed to witness a person's spirit in a separate location from that same person's physical body.

What does spectral mean?

In accoustic measurements, spectral mean refers to the center of gravity for a certain sound wave selection.

What spectral class is your sun?

The same as yours assuming that you also live on planet Earth, if you don't then you have just proven that extra-terrestial life exists. Well done.

How spectral reflectance work?

Spectral reflectance measure a thin film's characteristics by reflecting light off the film and analyzing the resulting reflectance spectrum over a range of wavelengths. Light reflected from different interfaces of the film can be in- or out-of-phase so these reflections add or subtract, depending u ( Full Answer )

What causes the broadening of spectral lines?

There are two primary mechanisms that broaden spectral emission (orabsorption) lines: Doppler broadening and collision-inducedbroadening. Doppler broadening occurs because of the relative thermal motionsof the molecules in a gas. Simply put, the molecules are allbouncing off each other, so some are ( Full Answer )

What is an energy spectral density?

The energy spectral density describes how the energy (or variance) of a signal or a time series is distributed with frequency. You can read more in Wikipedia 'Spectral Density', but you will need good maths to understand it!

What is spectral density in dsp?

Power spectral density is commonly expressed inwatts per hertz (W/Hz) or dBm/Hz. The spectral density of the wave, when multiplied by an appropriate factor, will give the power carried by the wave, per unit frequency, known as the power spectral density (PSD) of the signal. It can also be expresse ( Full Answer )

What are the spectral colors?

the colors of the spectrum are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. indigo used to be one of them till people decided to take it out cuz it was too close to violet.

The spectral type of a star measure?

The spectral type of a star is what measures its chemicalcomposition. The visible light that bounces off of it can be usedto determine the composition.

How do you calculate spectral efficiency?

1.Find the Fourier Transform of the pulse used to transmit data over the channel. 2.Determine the bitrate of the signal by the modulation format (QPSK for example has 2bits/symbol so 1 symbol per second would equate to 2 bits/s) 3.The first null in the Fourier transform is the required bandwidth ( Full Answer )

What is modal vibration and spectral vibration?

An individual mode is a particular frequency and phase (direction) of vibration. Spectral vibration is were you take a particular vibration time-wave form and view its individual frequency components using a process called fast fourier transform (FFT). Individual frequency components can be assessed ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a spectral line shifts?

It means the distance between you and the radiating object is changing rapidly, i.e. the object is either approaching you or receding from you at a substantial speed.

Spectral evidence is the belief that a witch can?

Spectral evidence in itself is not a belief, but stems from one. Puritans believed that witches sent out their 'spectors', sort of like a ghost of a living person, to afflict people and that those afflicted people could sometimes see the spector to identify the witch. Spectral evidence is the term u ( Full Answer )

Why the spectral lines are narrow lines?

Why are spectral lines narrow? Because the emitted photon must carry away the energy lost by the radiator. Except for tiny "recoil energy" this is the difference between the upper and lower energy levels of the well isolated emitting atom, for narrow lines. If the atom is not part of a very rarefi ( Full Answer )

What is the spectral class for sirius?

Sirius is a double star. The brighter component ... the one youactually notice in the night sky ... is spectral class A1V. The faint 'secondary'component is spectral class DA2.

What is normal spectral emissivity?

Normal is equal to vertical.Flat object radiates light and heat to hemisphere space.Sometimes,it is convenient to measure the vertical direction.Hemisphere spectral emissivity ε and normal spectral emissivity rate εn have a relationship: ε =Mεn, M is correction factor.

What are four applications of spectral karyotyping?

Spectral Karyotyping (SKY) can detect 1. Chromosomal material of unknown origin 2. Complex rearrangements 3. Translocations 4. Large deletions 5. Duplications 6. Aneuploidy and more.

What is difference in energy density and power density?

Energy density is the amount of power that can be stored ( in for example capacitance) to be then consumed over time, whereas power density is how much energy is consumed quickly like the energy stored in a capacitance can be consumed very quickly.

The spectral lines in the spectrum of an element relate to the?

The energy levels of the atom; from which when the atom is in an exited state and drops down in to a lower energy level it releases a quanta (packet) of energy which is of a certain frequency, this is then related to the colour of the light released.

What is spectral solar impedance?

No such thing. Impedance is a property of alternating currents; even assuming that this applies to photons, you don't have the alternating...flow. That is, unless you're going to toss in dark energy as an opposite charge or something... that's beyond what I have on tap, though.

How can you get the Spectral Tiger mount in World of Warcraft?

You can buy it from Ebay or get lucky buy a bunch of wow trade cards and get it in there, It's worth over 1000$ Like stated above you can buy it online from Ebay, Craigslist, etc. But commonly, you get those in trading cards. Trading cards don't guarantee your chances of getting the mount but it ( Full Answer )

What engine has the highest power density?

An engine with 2 pistons per cylinder is considered one of (if not the) the highest power densities. it is currently under development. It is called an opposed piston engine.

What is the casue of spectral lines?

Firstly spectral lines means the spectrum the band of 7 colors. The spectral lines are formed because when the light passes through tough medium it passes through the medium but the white light gets disintegrated into seven colors . The band includes the colors violet, indigo, blue, green ,yellow or ( Full Answer )

What spectral type does sun belongs?

Our Sun belongs to the group known as G-type stars (Yellow Mainstream Star) A couple of other examples of stars similar to our own are Alpha Centuari A and Tau Ceti

What are the most relevant spectral characteristics of speech?

Vowels are generally characterized by the location (along the frequency spectrum) and relative strength of vocal formants. I'm unsure about the spectral characteristics of consonants, but you can get information about manner of articulation by looking at the amplitude envelope. Voicing should be ( Full Answer )

What is a spectral analysis used for?

Spectral analysis is the analysis of a spectrum which then determines the property of its source.The process is used to show the electrical distribution in molecules.

What is Spectral DNC used for?

Spectral DNC is used to prevent hair loss and restore hair growth. This topical hair loss product is produced by DS Laboratories. Spectral DNC's active ingredients include Minoxidil and Aminexil.

What spectral class of stars are the hotteset?

Type-O are the hottest but there are very few. Then type-B, thereare more of them but still not a lot. Then you have type-A, whichare very common, then F, then G like the Sun, then K and then thecoolest common ones, type M which are the red stars likeBetelgeuse.

How the losses will reduce if you keep the flux density in high level in power transformer?

The flux density is set at the most the core material can stand,which for standard laminated transformer iron is around 1 Weber persquare metre. Based on that and the cross-section area of the core,the volts per turn figure is calculated for both the primary andthe secondary winding. If the operatin ( Full Answer )

What spectral class in the sun?

The Sun is a as a G2V type star, a yellow dwarf and a main sequence star. Stars areclassified by their spectra (the elements that they absorb) and their temperature.There are seven main types of stars. In order of decreasing temperature, O, B, A, F,G, K, and M