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pre-ejaculate is the small amount of fluid that escapes from the mans penis during foreplay or sex to aid in lubrication. It contains sperm which can cause pregnancy.

2015-07-03 11:42:43
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Q: What is pre-ejaculatory fluid?
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Im a guy and when ever im hugging and kissing my girlfriend I get a wet patch around my crotch it isn't urine is this normal and can it be prevented?

Could be preejaculatory fluid...ask a doctor.

Can you get pregnant in a spa from pre-ejaculatory fluid?

The suggestion that seminal fluid might travel through the water is practically impossible, even more so at elevated temperatures (which would rapidly deteriorate any sperm). Preejaculatory fluid will usually only contain minute amounts of sperm. However, anytime an uncovered penis is in proximity to the vagina of a female (especially an uncovered one), there is the potential for sperm to reach the vaginal lining. Underwater sex is no safer than anywhere else. But any significant chance would require direct contact between the male and female genitals, because of the deteriorating affect of heated water.

Does pre-ejaculate have sperm?

Generally preejaculatory fluid does NOT contain sperm. The precum serves as a natural lubricant. It also has a natural alkiline reducer. The vaginal canal is a highly acidic enviroment, and sperm can not survive in such an enviroment. So it works to pave the way for the semen, so to speak. However if a man would ejaculate then have intercourse again without urinating, some semen would be left and WOULD come out with the precum.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if a condom isn't used?

Quite highAnswer 2If a full ejaculation occured INSIDE the vagina, then there is a definite risk.Ejaculating outside drasticly decreases that chance, altough people will bash your skull in by claiming it is equaly dangerous because of "precum" or preejaculatory fluid. Still, less sperm mean less chances (any protection is better than no protection).Still, I recommend condoms because of STD risk's involved in sex.

If he rubbed you and penetrated you for a bit without protection but then put a condom to have full sex but what are the chances of you being pregnant?

in the male reproductive system there is a part called the cowpers gland that secretes a precum (or preejaculatory fluid) that DOES CONTAIN SPERM so there is a good chance you can still become pregnant. men cannot control this like they control their regular ejaculation so there is no way for them to prolong or stop this. another reason why withdraw does not work. sorry ladies, use condoms for any p-v action.

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