What is pregenancy?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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Pregnancy is when a woman is conceiving her child. This is when her stomach will balloon up, and after about nine months, the baby will be born.

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Q: What is pregenancy?
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How do you stop pregenancy if period is stop 20 days before?

Don't think you can

How do you miscarry pregenancy in one moth fifteen days?

It either happens by itself or you have an abortion.

Is Pain in nippels is a symptom of pregenancy?

yes it is one of the syptoms, i would go see a doctor or a home pg test if i were you!

What if the doctor can't see the baby in its womb?

It is not there and that means its a false pregenancy . Either you loss the baby or the body thinks it is pregnant but it is not .

How do you miscarriage the10 weeks pregenancy?

By having a surgical abortion done by a doctor. If you live in the US you find all clinics at Just click on your state.

Is there chance of pregenancy with endometrosis?

Yes, there is still a chance to conceive while being diagnosed with endimetriousis. The only problem is.... It makes it very rare and difficult. SEE A DOCTOR FOR MORE INFO!!!:)

Does sperm effect women in a bad way?

Whether good or bad, the biggest effect sperm has on girls is to impregnate them.

Did hymen protect pregenancy?

No the hymen has holes in it so the menstrual blood and discharge can get out. Not all women have their hymen since it can break very easily by everyday things. Some are born without one. The hymen has no purpose after you are born. It's a remnant from your time in the womb when the vaginal canal was closed.

How will you know a dog is going into labor soon if she is leaking milk?

if you think a dog is, then you either take her to the vet; other wise if u are one just relax and help the dogs needs. make sure your dog has had her shots and also fix your dog for pregenancy u dont want any more puppies im sure or u wont listen to me.

Is it possible to get a positive pregnancy test result after having surgery for an ectopic pregnancy?

Pregenancy well occur if there's sperms and there's a woman Answer--->YES, when i had a tuble pregnancy my doctor said not to have sex, and she also told me that yes if i were to take a test it would show positive because of the tuble...thats just one of the reasons why the doctor would tell you not to have sex for a while so that your hormones can get back to normal. hope this helps you..

Is constipation and backaches a sign of pregnancy?

They are symptoms you may have during pregnancy, that is if you know you are pregnant and have them that is quite common. Signs are things that may give you an indication you are pregnant, these are so common, in fact either can cause the other that they are not diagnostic of pregnancy.

Is it normal for a fifteen year old to not have menstruation?

This might be caused if your pregnat so take a pregnancy test or this could do with you not eating right but it's ok don't worry this occurs to many women including me but if you really not sure what's going on ask your mother or your doctor to make sure everything is ok with you