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Primary colours of light are red, blue and green and when combined in the correct intensity they produce white light. The secondary colours of light are magenta, yellow and cyan which result from combinations at the correct frequencies of primary colours.

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Q: What is primary and secondary colors of light?
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How are the secondary colors of light related to the primary colors?

Because there would be no secondary colors without primary colors mixing together.

Removing the primary colors in secondary colors?

You can't have secondary colors without primary colors.

What are the 3 primary colors in light?

Red, green, and blue. Yellow is NOT A primary color of light (it's secondary).

What does equal amounts of the primary colors of light produce?

It produces a secondary color of light.

How are secondary color related to primary colors?

Secondary colors are colors that are made from primary colors EX: Primary- red, blue =secondary- purple Primary- blue, yellow =secondary - green etc.

Why do primary colors change color?

primary colors make secondary colors you mix two primary colors to get a secondary color

What are the primary colors and secondary colors on a color wheel?

The traditional primary colors of the color wheel are red, yellow, and blue. The secondary colors are formed by mixing any two of the primary colors, making orange, green, and purple (or violet). Confusingly, different primary and secondary colors exist on the spectrum of light (such as on your TV screen or computer monitor), and they are red, green, and blue, having secondary colors of cyan, yellow, and magenta.

What is secondary color of light?

the three colors of light-cyan, yellow, and magenta-produced by mixing pairs of the primary colors of light in equal quantities.

Why are secondary colors considered secondary?

They are secondary colors because they can be created by mixing the primary colors. The secondary colors are purple, green, and orange. These aren't just considered the secondary colors, they are the official secondary colors. The always have been and they always will. Answer The three primary colors are red, green and blue. When the primary colors are mixed, they assemble three secondary colors, which are: Yellow. Cyan. Magenta.

What colors do you get when you mix secondary colors of light?

If you combine them all the result is white light. Any color possible can be made with the right combination of primary colors.

List primary and secondary colors?

Primary colors: red, blue and yellow Secondary colors: green, orange and purple

What are colors that are made by mixing a primary color and a secondary color?

Tertiary Colors are colors that are made by mixing primary and secondary.