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What is prison?


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prison is a building where people go when the committe a crime, you can go to jail for 2 hours to a life time, depending on a crime you committed. if you committe murder its 100 years because, taking someone elses life is horrible so, the law discided to take you life. ITS ONLY FAIR!!!! i think so

AnswerAll prisons are owned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II (In the UK that is) The Prison it's self is a rather large building that accomodates numbers of convicted criminals known as a convicted prisoner (You also get remand prisoners). The building will have some ammount of fences and security around it, some are classed as high security prisons which have alot more fences and towers with guards (equiped with snipers). The high security prison in Scotland, is in Glasgow and is Known as "H.M.P Barleni"

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