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The speed at which the processor operates internally

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What is the frequency for the Processor?


How do you measure the processor core frequency?

Hi, If it is Intel processor there is a tool from Intel which can tell you each core frequency.

If you multiply the system bus frequency by the multiplier you get the?

processor frequency

If you multiply the system bus frequency by the multiplier you get what?

processor frequency

What do you get if you multiply the system bus frequency by the multiplier?

Processor frequency

If you multiply the system bus frequency by the multiplier what can you get?

processor frequency ~tekno

What is the purpose of graphic base frequency in the processor?

graphics base frequency

What does 2.2GHz800MHz mean for a computer processor?

2.2 GHz is a processor frequency, and 800 MHz is a FSB frequency. First defines how many operations can the processor does; second one defines how much information the processor transfers to other components of computer.

Processor core frequency is measured in?

MIPS (millions of instructions per second) is the unit used and corresponds to the processor frequency divided by the CPI (Cycles Per Instruction).IT Computer Hardware Essentials, Chapter 6: Processor core frequency is measured in gigahertz.

The speed at which at processor operates internally is called what?

There are a number of terms relating to processor speed. The most common frequency is simply the clock frequency. There are others such as a PLL frequency that can be used to multiply the clock frequency and instruction cycle frequency that is usually lower than the basic clock frequency. In all cases, the processor data sheet or the mother board data sheet will identify the name of the frequencies to which it refers.

What is the frequency of core i5 processor?

what the heck are you talking about

What does the operating frequency tell you about the processor?

It tells you how many operations per second your processor is capable to do. The higher frequency is better. Also you have to take in count a number of cores.

How do you measure processor core frequency?

The measurement of processor core frequency is defined in the name of Hertz, which is for cycles per second (this is the frequency you refer to.) This is an electromagnetic waveform frequency. One high and low of the waveform would be equal to one Hertz measurement cycle.

What speed is the speed at which the CPU operates internally?

Processor frequency

What unit of frequency is use to measure processor speed?

in GHz

What unit is used to measure the frequency of memory FSB and the processor?


Is a 1.3 GHz processor good?

Depends. Is it a mobile processor in a small laptop? A tablet? A phone? If it is a desktop processor, then it is probably pretty slow at this frequency. Keep in mind your Clock Speed doesn't really matter that much in processor performance.

What is the name of two processor that works at same frequency but works independently?

Dual core?

What is best laptop processor?

ITdeppend on the frequency of your mother board! but the best for it was A QUADCORE OR CELEROnXP

How good is Intel core 2 quad Q8300 processor?

It was launched in 2008. Its processor base frequency is 2.5 Ghz. Its FSB speed is 1333 MHz. It has a budgetary price of $163. On the whole it is a good processor.

Differences in Intel core 2 duo processor series?

FSB, frequency, and cache size.

What are the factors to be considered when purchasing a computer processor?

Factors to consider when buying a PC processor # The Speed / Frequency # The size # Compatibility # Reputable brands # The cooling capability # Durability

Is the Intel t3400 a dual core processor?

Yes, it is a dual core processor with core name Merom. It runs at a frequency of 2.167 GHz and supports 64 bit.

What are the factors to measure the speed of a computer system?

CPU frequency, FSB, memory frequency, hard drive type (IDE, SATA, SCSI, rpms, buffer size and so on), video processor type and frequency.

What exactly is the GHz mentioned with a processor configuration is it most important factor to processor speed?

The GHz is the clock frequency. It is important for processor speed but the number of kernels is even more important as each kernel can do processing independently from the others.