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Electricity is produced by electric energy


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Energy is CONVERTED to electrical energy by an (electric) generator.

Electric motor converts electric energy into another form. Mechanical energy is produced.

Electrical energy can be produced from electrical potential energy. The potential energy converts to electrical energy in an electric circuit.

Hydroelectric energy is electric energy produced with hydro(water). How the electricity is produced makes no difference on how it is used. Electricity is used for lights, electric motors, electric heat etc.

Moving water sed to produce electricity.So electric energyis produced.

Electric current is produced by electron flow - so electrical energy. There is some heat produced also.

Energy in motion is called kinetic energy.

It contains electric energy. Also sound energy is produced initially.

Technically, no energy is produced as most electric toasters don't work! Haha!

Thermal energy produce water into steam, the pressure OS steam runes the turbine & electric energy is produced.

Electrical energy is produced through the motion of a conductor within an electromagnetic field produced by a magnet. In this way, electromagnetic fields are absolutely critical to the production of electric energy.

Assume no vibration loss, the amount of energy input to electric motor subtract out the converted 92 J of mechanical energy is the thermal energy produced.

they are produced by the vibration of oscillating electric and magnetic fields

Usually it is produced from mechanical energy (movement), by a cable moving in a magnetic field. This will produce a voltage in the wire.

It is electrical energy as when you on the TV, electric current will flow through.

i am pretty sure it is electric current

Electrical energy produced by releasing the chemical energy in a battery.

when photons got enough energy and getting out from that meterial electric current produced from that movement called photo electric.

Electrical energy generated by flowing water is called hydro-electric power.

Current is produced when charges are accelerated by an electric field to move to a position of lower energy.

Electric energy. The movement of electrons induce a current (measured in amperes)

There are many sources of energy that can be converted to electric energy. In many countries, most electric energy is produced by fossil fuels -- mostly coal, some natural gas, etc. However, in a few countries such as France and Belgium, most electric energy is produced from something other than fossil fuels. What can you use instead of fossil fuels?

Strictly speaking, energy can't be produced - only changed from one form to another. Electrical energy you can get from batteries, where chemical energy is turned into electric energy. Or hydroelectric energy, where the force of running water(potential energy turns to kinetic energy and into electricity) is used to turn a turbine, which spins a generator, which turns out electric energy. Or something like a coal or oil fueled power plant, where coal or oil is burned to create steam, with the steam then turning a turbine, which spins a generator, which turns out electric energy. There you go from chemical energy, to thermal energy, to kinetic energy to electric energy.

Electricity is NEVER produced. It only CHANGES from one form to another because it is a type of energy. e.g. Electric energy is CHANGED into kinetic energy to move my fan

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