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it just like leather but silker and better looking
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What is leather?

Leather is the tanned hide/skin of any animal. The skins are removed and put through a highly complex chemical process that turns the skin into a non perishable product - leather.

Is patent leather made of leather?

Patent Leather Yes, Patent leather is made from real leather, with a finish originally made from various oils (whale oil, linseed oil etc), and lacquers such as shellac, and a colour, most commonly red or black. Modern patent leather is finished with a mixture of acrylic and polyurethane which ( Full Answer )

Are proform 585 treadmills good?

That's a tough question because Proform has made approximately 80 different models all named the 585, some are the 585 QS, or the 585 TL or the 585 Perspective(I believe that is the newest one). I can give you a general answer that sums it up for most proform treadmills. They are pretty good if you ( Full Answer )

What is ProForm Airborne?

a USA Jump Rope team -- Pro-Form Airborne of Rexburg, Idaho had the privilege of representing the United States in the International Dance and Music Festival of 2006.

Is the leather used genuine leather?

Leather is genuine leather, but watch out as leather look is not the same as genuine leather, if it has come from an animal and has a suede to the underside it is genuine leather.

Is bonded leather real leather?

No bonded leather is not real leather. It is made from scraps ofleather that are ground up and stuck together with some form oflatex. Generally speaking it cannot be sold as real leather.

Is buffalo leather good leather?

yes, extremely hard wearing and sometimes turns blue with age. consistenly voted the most expensive leather east of New York.

How do you proform CPR?

The best way to learn to perform CPR is to take a class from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association. The related link is fairly good at explaining the steps.

What does a turbo do to a engines proformance?

Boosts the performance and makes the car faster. Most diesel cars have a turbo.. It increases the amount of air and air pressure available to the engine therefore improving efficiency in burning the fuel and scavenging the cylinders.

Why do rabbi proform circumsisons?

Rabbis have to have special training to become mohels. It's to help Jewish boys enter the covenant of Abraham.

What is the resale value of a proform GTS 50 treadmill?

The monetary value of any physical object such as a treadmill, an automobile, or a house is whatever price someone in the marketplace will pay for it. It is impossible to know in advance what any marketplace will pay for any particular item. The only way to find out is to test the waters. Put it ( Full Answer )

What leather or upper leather shoes?

Shoes can be found in leather as well as leather uppers. The allleather shoes will last much longer than other types of shoematerials.

Is leather luxe real leather?

Luxe just means luxurious. So if it says luxe leather then it just means it's probably a finer leather.

Would hidan live if reaper death seal was proformed on him?

No Hidan would not live. The reaper death seal works by absorbing chakra and sealing it away forever with no hope of escape. Hidan could not regenerate because his chakra (He) is sealed away. And his entire body would be like orochimaru arms when it was used on him.

Is action leather real leather?

I would think that it isn't, because if it were it would most likely say "genuine leather," action leather is probably synthetic/modified, or something of that nature.

How does medical injury's affect proformance in sport?

It affects the way you react to things... for instance if you get a concussion and you still have "concussion like symptoms" and if you get hit again and get another concussion that's some serious brain damage... they are trying to help keep everyone safe in the sports industry.

Is chrome leather real leather?

Yes, it gets that name from the chromium compounds are used in the tanning process. Many countries have banned the use of hexavalent chromium in this process because of the adverse health effects.

What is manmade leather real leather?

Technically there is no such thing as manmade leather as 'leather' can only be made from the tanned skins and hides of animals. Manmade leather generally refers to a vinyl or fabric product produced to imitate the look and feel of leather or suede Hope this helps

What percent is leather on bonded leather?

Because bonded leather is made from ground up leather fibers it can be made out of varying amounts of "real leather", but in almost every case bonded leather consists of only 10-17% leather. This makes up a leather backing upon which a vinyl top coating is applied.

Does the ProForm Ab Glider really work?

Well, I recently got the Ab-Glider, and I only used it yesterday, for a very short period of time, but I got a great workout in that amount of time, since I am very sore. In my opinion, it is a great workout for abdominals and your arms.

What is a proform and how are they used in BSL?

Proforms are sogns that change as you use them. For instance. BSLmakes frequent use of proforms: elements that refer to termspreviously defined in a given context.. The full sign for "car", is two-handed and is positioned infront of the chest, just like holding a steering wheel. Butindicating a car ( Full Answer )

Is upper leather real leather?

When a pair of shoes says that the upper is leather, it means that the top part of the shoe is leather and the sole is man made. There is nothing that is called upper leather.

How much does a proform treadmill cost?

The manual proform treadmill has an average retail price tag of 200 dollars. The more expensive proform treadmill power model comes in with a whopping retail price of just under 1300 dollars.

What are proform treadmills?

Proform is just a company name. They manufacture treadmills just as many other companies do. They make many models of their treadmill to fit the needs of just about anybody.

How is leather made into a leather jacket?

There are a lot of steps in making a leather jacket from animalhide. After skinning the animal, the hide must be cleaned anddehaired in a process called liming, which is soaking the skin in alime/water solution. Then the hide is "fleshed" which is to removea thin layer of "flesh" from the underside ( Full Answer )

Who will be the 2011 jingleball proformers?

the line up for sunday 4th december is Jessie J Ed sheeran One direction Wretch 32 the saturdays Emilie Sande JLS The line up for saturday 3rd December is Rhianna Calvin Harris Pixie lott The wanted Olly murs jason derulo labyrinth

Where can one find reviews for Proform Treadmills?

Reviews for such a product can be found on different review sites, both specialized as general question sites. Most of the times the main website of the product may conclude the most information you need already, and you might want to go to a local gym to get your review by speaking to someone in pe ( Full Answer )

Where can one find information on a proform elliptical?

That would depend on what kind of information you're looking for. Most retailers (online or otherwise) of Proform ellipticals will have basic information on hand. If you're looking for more detailed information, try the Proform website directly, or online product reviews from purchasers.

What are the advance features in Proform treadmills?

Some of the major unique features of these treadmills includes the company's Elite 2 Cushioning, which helps reduce joint impact with each stride. There's also the EKG heart-rate monitor and workout fan as well as 20 different apps built into the treadmills.

What is the average price range for a Proform treadmill?

The average price range for a Proform treadmill is $200-$800 dollars. Price varies based on features, place of purchase, age, condition, and style. $200 is fairly cheap for a treadmill, while $800 is top of the line.

Where can one get good deals on Proform Treadmills?

Deals on Proform Treadmills can often be found at exercise equipment stores and even online. Amazon has some deals as well as some second-hand exercise equipment stores like 2nd Wind.

Is perforated leather is genuine leather?

Perforation just means punching holes through the leather or PU. So, just the term perforated leather cannot determine whether it's genuine.

Where can you buy proform treadmills?

One can find and purchase proform treadmills in online stores like Proform, eBay, Amazon, Dick's Sporting Goods or Walmart, They are also available at Best Buy or Sears.

Where can one purchase a Proform 350 treadmill?

One can purchase a Proform 350 treadmill at John Lewis, DW Sports, and Sports Direct stores. One can also find it online at Amazon, Sport And Leisure UK, Argos and eBay, which all also feature customer reviews.

What kind of exercise machine is a Proform 485E?

The Proform exercise machine is a low-end trainer. It is a basic tool for cardio exercise. There are two pedals to help the lower body muscles and moving handlebars to work the upper body.

Where can someone buy a Proform Elliptical machine?

Proform Elliptical Trainers can be purchased at many retailers. There are many models which one can choose from, directly on the Proform website. They are also available at Sears and Amazon.

Where can one purchase a ProForm cross trainer?

One can purchase a ProForm cross trainer online from many different retailers. It is also helpful to use Google Shopping which will sort through various retailers to find the best deal.

Where can one buy a Proform Crosswalk Treadmill?

One can buy a Proform Crosswalk Treadmill from many different places. Proform's official website sells it, but if one would rather go to a store then there are many options. Places like Sears or Dick's Sporting Goods sell Proform Crosswalk Treadmills as well as many others.