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girls should wear a nice dress, or a nice blouse with pants/ skirt. You should dress nice but not going to a wedding nice. Men should wear dress pants and a nice shirt.

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FashionTIY is your best choice.

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Q: What is proper attire for a pediatrician?
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What is the proper attire for doing business in Jamaica?

What is the proper business attire when doing business in Jamaica?

What is the proper attire at most golf courses?

The proper attire for men at a golf course is a collared shirt and khaki pants.

What is proper attire for office administrator?


What is the proper attire for South African funeral?


Where do you get proper gymnastics attire?

Sporting equipment stores (and their catalogs).

What is the proper business attire for doing business in china?

Normal business attire. They wear suits, just like Europeans or Americans.

What is the proper uniform or attire for an usher in the Baptist Church?

black and white

What do you wear at the western wall?

Proper religious attire or other appropriate clothes.

What is the proper attire for black baptist church deaconess during communion?


What is proper attire for tubing in the snow?

When a person is tubing in the snow, they will want to dress warm. The proper attire for this activity is a snowsuit or snow pants, hat, gloves, and boots. Dress warm under these outer clothes as well.

How long can a human survive in 120 degrees Fahrenheit?

Forever with proper attire and hydration.

What are the do's and don't's in folk dance?

Do's:Dance it with poise.Wear the proper attire.Dont'sDo not exagerate the dance.Do not Create your own attire.Do not Make the dance too long.

What is considered proper attire for attending service at a Jewish temple?

A proper attire for attending service in at a Jewish place of worship is a humble and modest outfit, along with a yarmulke, which is the small cap that many Jewish men wear.Answer:For men: a suit. For women - a modest dress.

What is proper business attire for women?

Proper ladies attire within the business atmosphere can depend on a number of factors - most importantly is your company dress code. Typically women will wear sensible shoes, a nice skirt or slacks and a blouse. Do not forget to wear a bra.

What is the proper attire for a jazz dance class?

it depends on what studio/class/company you are with but usually it is leotard and tights

What is the proper attire for black baptist church deacon during communion?

white suit and white gloves

When do you capitalize pediatrician?

No, except at the beginning of a sentence because it is n ot a proper n ou n.

What is the proper attire required to be a tattoo artist?

Anything really,Just as long as its clean and closed toed shoes.

Why must you wear proper attire when swimming?

For many reasons. They include for safety. Also so you don't get an advantage.

What's proper first date attire?

The key to dressing to impress on a first date looking neat and well groomed. Casual attire is prefectly acceptable, as long your clothing is clean and you look as though you made an effort.

What is the proper attire for the embassy interview for immigrant visa?

There is no dress code. Common sense says dress smart casual.

What is the proper attire when conducting an experiment with your eyes?

Wear goggles. If you wear eyeglasses,put a pair of bigger goggles over it.

What is the proper name for a knights attire?

There is no real answer to this question as the attire varied in names based on what you wore. Chain mail, leather armor, plate mail, scale mail etc. The best reference that I can come up with is renaissance clothing.

Can you use the word defile in a sentence?

The employee's reputation for looking professional was defiled when he arrived at work without wearing proper attire.

What is a lawyers attire?

Mainly Proffesional attire.