What is proper temperature for air conditioning?

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The average normal temperature for air conditioning is around 78 degrees. A home kept at this temperature during the day is likely to notice decent electric bills.

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Q: What is proper temperature for air conditioning?
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Why do you get aches and pains from air conditioning?

You get aches and pains from air conditioning due to the fact the temperature chill's your muscles

Air What is the average temperature setting for home air conditioning?


How does air conditioning cool your car?

changes the air temperature inside

What does air conditioning do?

Air conditioning reduces the temperature and humidity of air in buildings. Air conditioning systems are commonly used in large commercial or institutional buildings to maintain a constant environment.

Does ambient temp effect the temperature produced by an air conditioning unit?

In short answer, yes. There are many things that will affect the temperature produced by an air conditioning unit, to be honest.

What are used to control the air temperature in indoor environments?

An "air conditioning" system.

What is the purpose of an air conditioning?

air conditioning is to condition fresh air so that the desired conditoins can be achieved in the conditioned space. air conditioning does not neccessarily mean to just decrease the temperature of air but it includes many more things like decreasing the humidity, increasing temperature etc etc.

What is manual air conditioning system?

A manual air conditioning system is one where you can turn it off and on when you want and control the temperature at which it is set.

High temperature refrigeration is that produced by?

an air conditioning system

What are the Difference between Air conditioning and Refrigerator?

air conditioning is used to cool down the temperature of a room, but Refrigerator are made to keep food from rottening.

What is the proper air conditioning refrigerant for a 1999 Chevrolet venture van?


What does the term product load mean in air conditioning?

Product load is a combination of the amount of area it is trying to cool and the ambient temperature as well as the temperature you are trying to achieve through air conditioning.

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